Gift Guide For Her

I didn't want to do separate gift guides for mom and dad, but after I finished this gift guide I was like "well, I would only buy my mom half of these things", so Gift Guide for Mom is in the works 😂

This Gift Guide is great for your best friend, girlfriend, sister, favorite coworker, whoever! These items are also reasonably priced (minus the pearl ring) so they won't break the bank!

1. Apple Watch Band - I love love love this watch band! It's a great everyday option for dressing up your watch.

2. Card Purse with Clutch Bundle - Need, want, got to have it. I use my Louis Vuitton key holder Tyler got me last year every day and it has a slot for cards but I only put my license and bank card in there. When I'm running a quick errand I just grab that and forget everything else, so this card purse is perfect. I love the little clutch it comes with so I can keep my necessities in there and it can easily be thrown in your purse!

3. Personalized Phone Case - I might be the only one, but I love having different options for phone cases to swap out and this one is so fun!

4. Popcorn Knit Cardigan - You can never go wrong with gifting a cozy cardigan!

5. Personalized Starbucks Cup - Will forever recommend these personalized Starbucks cups! The hot cups are a great gift, but she also sells cold cups which sell out insanely fast! I have 2 of them and use each every day. The deadline to order to get for Christmas is November 25th and cold cups will be restocked before than.

6. Vegan Cropped Leather Jacket - If you couldn't tell by now, I love this leather jacket and can't recommend it enough.

7. Initial Huggie Earrings - These are SO CUTE! Might have to buy myself a pair 😂
    Pearl Open Circle Ring - If Tyler and I didn't already agree on our Christmas gifts I would have told him this was what I wanted. It's gorgeous and on sale for 25% off!

8. Embellished Hair Clips - The hair clip trend isn't for everyone, but if the gal in your life is into it she will love these! I'm in the process of growing out my bangs so I am here for this trend and these are on my wishlist!


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