3 Month Baby Update!

I can't believe Isabella is 3 months old today! Can I just rewind time and snuggle with my one week old baby again?! But seriously, this has been the greatest three months of my life and I have loved seeing all the ways Izzy has grown! These monthly updates seem to be one of my most viewed posts so I'm going to take that as you guys love these updates. Here's what's new with Isabella..

Little munchkin had her two month checkup last month and she weighed 9 lbs 3.2 oz! When we brought her home from the hospital she weighed 5 lbs 10 oz, so to us she's grown a lot. Her pediatrician said she's doing great and that she should be due for a growth spurt sometime soon. I've been so hesitant to buy her new clothes because I don't know how much she'll grow! But this past week we have been noticing that newborn onesies are starting to become a tight fit on her.. FINALLY! 

Her sleep schedule hasn't changed a whole lot since last month. Three days a week I work weird hours so I'm not home to control when she naps - We're still following Mom's on Call and I've been trying to be more strict with the sleep schedule. She does great overnight though! Lately she's only been waking up around 2/3 a.m and majority of the time it's because she needs changed or can't find her pacifier. She will have her nights where she wakes up more than once, but we can't complain.. we get good sleep! We've also stopped swaddling Izzy a little after 2 months old. My personal opinion about swaddling, we just felt like we were suckered into it because it's what everyone is doing and if you don't swaddle your baby then you're parenting wrong and your baby will have bad sleeping habits, right? WRONG. It's something Tyler and I discussed and agreed on doing and to each their own! If you swaddle, good for you - If you don't swaddle, good for you. It was just our own personal choice and we've found that Izzy sleeps better without one. 

I feel like Izzy also has such a big personality for just being 3 months. She smiles and makes those cute little baby noises ALL THE TIME, but like when she's not in the mood she's really not in the mood and she'll serve you her poker face. Also if she's hungry and you're taking too long to get to her, she WILL let you know. Basically what I'm trying to say is my daughter is a drama queen already at 3 months old 😂

I wasn't kidding, her poker face is serious 😂

A few other baby updates I wanted to document:

  • She's not a fan of sitting down, she always wants you to hold her so she can try to stand up. I'm still convinced she's going to be walking early [but like obviously not next month, I mean just in the early stages of when some babies start to walk].
  • My dad has started putting on Baby's First channel for her in the evenings and she loves it. She's lay in her rocker watching tv and smiles/makes noises the whole time.
  • Bath time is her JAM. She sits in her little tub just chilling while I bath her, it's the cutest thing.
  • She's starting to realize she has hands! She tries to eat them all the time and is constantly grabbing at thing [note to self: stop wearing necklaces before Izzy rips them off because babies are strong].
  • She moves.. A LOT! We'll wake up in the middle of the night and she will be completely sideways in her crib.
  • We have playtime every morning after breakfast and she loves her activity mat! 
  • She's already been to her first wedding and visited my alumni [of course I had to buy her some cute PSU gear].

Honestly I could go on forever about her, but that's all of the relevant updates for this month! Thanks for reading!

Xo, Alyssa & Izzy

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