Five Tips For A Productive Monday

Happy Monday, friends! It's a gloomy start to the week so I figured what better time to share my tips for having a productive Monday than today? 

1. Create a to do list. I will always swear by lists when it comes to getting things done! Before I had Izzy I would create a to do list almost everyday and after I had her I stopped, and so did my motivation to get things done. Now that I'm working again and need to balance work life, being a mom and still wanting to make time for me I create lists like it's my job. Just something about physically seeing everything that needs done written down and checking things off as I go makes me more motivated throughout the day. Just take it one task at a time and see how productive your day ends up being!

2. Routines. Along with to do lists, I swear by a routine for getting things done. I recently got my new Erin Condren planner and I have been writing my weeks out like a crazy person. When you're balancing so much, having a routine is just a great way to ensure you stay productive while also staying sane! 

3. Breathe! Mondays are always the most stressful because you're trying to recoup from the weekend while making sure you get everything done and we always forget to just relax and take a deep breathe. So step away from what you're doing for five minutes and just breathe. Something so simple that can help with having a productive day!

4. Little bit of coffee, lots of water. I don't know about you, but when I drink a lot of coffee I get all jittery and can't focus 😂 Drinking water doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a productive day but it's a great start to the week and will keep you feeling energized. 

5. Have a positive mindset. Almost all of us are guilty for having the "ugh it's Monday, Mondays suck" mindset. Trust me, at one point I had that mindset but really it helps nobody. Sure, you hate your 9-5 job or just simply wish you had more time to spend with the people you love but the mindset you have at the beginning of the week sets the tone for how the remainder of your week will be. Plus when you're in a bad mood are you really motivated to have a productive day? Remind yourself that Mondays are for fresh starts and it's a good day. 

I hope these tips helped you to have a productive day! What do you do to say productive?

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