2 Month Update: Balancing Mom Life + Work Life

When I say this has been the best two months of my entire life, I MEAN IT. I'll probably say this every month but it really does feel like just yesterday I was pregnant with Isabella. Time flies and she's grown so much within these two months!

She is FINALLY starting to fit into her newborn clothes! Thank goodness because the few premie onesies we had for her were getting old. Last time we were at the pediatrician she weighed almost 8 pounds so I'm excited to see how much she's gained at her 2 month checkup tomorrow! She's starting to be a lot more awake and alert which I love. Every time I get her to smile it just melts my heart!! She also has been moving around SO much. She's learned how to hold her head up and if you're holding her she'll basically swing her head around like a crazy person and head-but you (she's lucky she's cute). And just recently she started going haywire with her legs. When she's in her swing or you're holding her sitting down she'll try to push herself away and every time I hold her to have her standing up she'll hold herself up (if all of that even makes sense). Mark my words, girlfriend is going to be a runner! 

We're still following the Mom's On Call schedule for her. When I went back to work I wasn't as strict with it and I started to notice a change in her routine so recently I've started to become more strict with keeping her schedule on point. I've learned that just because one day goes a certain way does not mean the next will be the same and that's OK. For the most part she's pretty good with following her daytime schedule but when it comes to nighttime things get tricky. Some nights she'll only wake up once, others she's just not having it. She's two months old, I'm not expecting her to sleep through the night already. When she's ready, she's ready but MOC has been such a helpful method to follow! 

As if taking care of a newborn wasn't a full-time job within itself I've decided to go back to work. At first it was strange being away from Izzy for so long, I'm pretty sure I sat there half the day just looking at pictures of her 😂 But, having a job I love made it easier going back. Trying to find a healthy balance between mom life and work life has definitely been a challenge, but each week that goes by it seems to get easier. I got myself a new planner and starting writing out each week and that has really helped with balancing everything out. I've also tried to get myself into a daily routine.. I got the morning routine down now it's time to get my evening routine down to one that doesn't stress me out. But at the end of the day my first priority is being a mom, so if something doesn't get done well than it just doesn't get done. You can't always do it all and I think that's the number one thing you have to remind yourself of if you want to create a healthy balance between mom life, working and everything in between.

I hope you all enjoyed this month's update as you did the last! Thanks for reading!


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