Tips For Transitioning Your Summer Pieces To Fall

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We're at that weird crossroads where some days you experience the cool fall weather and other days it's 90 degrees by noon. Dressing for those in between season spurts are always annoying because you never really know what to wear but it's a great transitional period for getting your fall wardrobe ready.

Most people think that when the season changes their wardrobe has to also, which is not true! There are ways you can transform your favorite summer pieces into the fall season allowing you to not only get more use out of certain items but also save you money in the long run. Below I'm going to share my tips on transitioning your summer pieces into fall and a couple must-have items.

My tips:

1. If you have a summer wardrobe that consists of bright colors don't think that you can't bring any of those pieces into fall. Bright colors are fine, wear them all year round, but during fall be prepared to tone them down. I have this bright yellow dress that I wanted to transition from summer to fall last year so I toned it down with colors like grey and black. Same goes for the sweater tank I styled above. This summer I styled it with white denim, sandals and a straw tote to give it a summer beach vibe and by simply adding darker denim, nude flats and a burnt orange wool hat it's now a fall look! It's all about incorporating neutral and deeper tones.

2. Shoes make all the difference. My summer wardrobe is pretty much based around sandals so of course come fall I ditch the sandals and put my favorite pair of booties and flats on display. I'm sure half of my readers are like 'well duh, why would I even think of wearing sandals during cold fall days?' but I have to cater to my readers whose fall weather is still basically summer! My advice, invest in a pair of black and/or brown booties that will last you forever and you'll love to wear. I've had my black booties since 2015 and they are my FAVORITE shoe. If you scroll through my Instagram from last fall you'll see that I styled 99% of my looks with them. For fall I recommend a nice black or brown bootie, nude flats, and white sneakers.

3. If you don't have one of the following in your wardrobe already then I highly recommend purchasing one - Denim and leather jacket. I've had my denim jacket for a few years now and it's by far one of the most worn items in my wardrobe. Personally I think it's a staple piece for every wardrobe, no matter the season. It's the easiest way to transform an outfit from summer to fall. I also think leather jackets are a great staple piece to have, if they're your thing! I recently purchased this one over Labor Day and I'm excited to start styling it.

4. Layers, layers, layers! I love layering and I've found that it's a great way to bring your favorite dresses into the fall season. That yellow dress I talked about above, I layered it with a grey sweater and right away it toned the whole look down. Invest in a couple sweaters (black, white or grey) and go up one in size, that way if you want to wear them alone they won't look too big but you still have room to layer with dresses or flannel tops if you wanted! Play around with a few pieces in your wardrobe to see what works together and what doesn't work. If you think layering your dress with a sweater looks weird, try adding a belt to the mix.

Xo, Alyssa

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