SheIn Review: Is It Legit?

Happy Monday! A few weeks ago Tyler and I decided to start saving money better which meant cutting back on eating out. The past couple of weekends we cooked at home and have had the most relaxing weekends! Seriously, I forgot how nice it was to lounge around all weekend not having to worry about anything. 

I posted a few things about SheIn lately and have gotten a ton of questions about the site, so after receiving my first big package I thought it'd be the perfect time to share a review. Below are some of the FAQ's I've been getting a lot recently.

Is SheIn legit?
Yes, it's 100% real. I know when you see the prices of the items they have it's hard to believe, but I can assure you it's not a scam!

Is the sizing accurate?
I'd say for the most part the sizing is accurate. My mom ordered me a sweater for Christmas last year that was one size, it was a popular sweater that a lot of fashion bloggers owned and it fit them all great. Mine, however, was super small so I returned it. Everything in my recent order though fit as I expected it to. My biggest advice is to read the reviews. I had items in my cart that I really wanted, but after reading the reviews on sizing I decided against them. 

How is the quality of the clothes?
You get what you pay for is the best way to answer this. For the price the quality is good, but it's not necessarily the greatest. Like I said above, read the reviews before purchasing something. Out of everything I ordered I ended up returning two tops, both of which had zero reviews. And don't get me wrong, I genuinely love everything else I ordered!

Does shipping take awhile?
It definitely takes longer than most places, but than again it does come from China. I got express shipping with my order (2-4 business days) but that doesn't include the processing time. Processing takes an extra 3-7 business days. My order took 11 days to get to me, so if you're wanting to order clothes for an upcoming vacation or event I'd for sure keep this in mind. 

My biggest piece of advice would honestly be to just check the reviews before buying something. If it doesn't have any reviews I would probably pass or just take a chance and return it (your first return is free). You definitely can't beat the prices and I'll be purchasing from SheIn again! In the next couple weeks I'll be sharing some pieces I ordered as well, so stay tuned.

Xo, Alyssa

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