Bringing Your Personal Style Into The Workplace

Is it just me or is this week dragging on?! I leave Saturday for vacation and I'm 100% ready for some relaxing time and sunshine. 

While I was putting together a blogging schedule for this month I was trying to think of what new topics I could bring to A Small Town Fashionista that my readers could actually relate to. Back in February I landed my first big girl job and something I always struggle with is finding outfits to wear into the office, so I thought about bringing Work Wear Wednesdays to the blog. I wouldn't say I really have a dress code I have to follow at work - As long as it's work appropriate (obviously), I can wear it, but if you know anything about me then you know that I like to always look my best. I also figured this would be a good weekly topic to cover for the post-grads who are landing jobs and internships. 

Today I wanted to share some easy and office appropriate ways to bring your personal style into the workplace.

Color: This is my favorite way to showcase my style in the office because it's both professional and fun. If your office has a more strict dress code I would fill your work wardrobe with more pastel colors, if not go full force with colors - To a certain extent of course. I'm someone who loves color, so I'll typically add a hot pink blazer to an all black dress or a pretty purple top to some white pants as pictured above! Your work looks don't always have to consist of black and white, you're going to work not a funeral.

Prints: Prints can be tricky, but if you use them right they can spruce up any office look. I personally love a cute dressy tank with a fun print! Just remember though, when it comes to work be subtle. For example if you're wearing a printed dress to work go easy on the accessories. 

Accessories: This is the easiest way to bring your personal style into the workplace. If you have a strict dress code you can definitely wear accessories that make an appropriate statement. Add some bold earrings, a fun necklace, or put together an arm party! 

Don't be afraid to add fun elements to your work wardrobe! 

Xo, Alyssa

Top: Express | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Charlotte Russe | Sunglasses: DIFF Eyewear

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