Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Happy Monday, friends!! I'm super excited for this week. I start something exciting and fun today (I'll be sharing more details in a new Monday Morning Coffee post at the end of the month) and it's Valentine's Day in a few days! Tyler and I are doing a breakfast date Wednesday and I hope to squeeze in a Galentine's date with my best friend. 

If you're still unsure on how to spend Valentine's, no worries. I put together a list of date ideas for you and your Valentine or Galentine!

1. Brunch at a local favorite.
2. Have a relaxing afternoon or evening at a winery.
3. Happy hour with your Galentine's.
4. Fancy dinner date.
5. Or order take out and stay in.
6. Movie night.
7. Or go see Fifty Shades.
8. Bake some yummy treats.
9. Have a picnic (if you're somewhere with nice weather).
10. Throw a Galentine's party.
11. Couples massages.
12. Mani's & Pedi's with the girls.
13. Spend the day exploring a new city.
14. Attend a Paint & Sip night, or host your own.
15. Stay in and cook your favorite meal.
16. Squeeze in a coffee date if you're both busy.
17. B O W L I N G
18. Host a game night with other couples.
19. Binge your favorite Netflix series and load up on sweets.
20. Go to a museum or two.

Thanks for reading! Xo

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