Goals for 2018

Good ole New Years resolutions.. some people love them, others think they're a waste of time, whatever floats your boat! Personally I prefer to call them goals rather than resolutions, I just feel like they're too cliché you know? Reflecting back on last years goals, I wish I would've stuck them out. But I've definitely learned from them and it's another reason to work harder on this years goals. Lets get into those..

Make Monthly Goals.. on top of my yearly goals. You probably think this sounds crazy, like what's the point of creating monthly goals on top of yearly goals? Here's the thing, I tried this out last year and it worked, however I didn't stick it out till the end of the year. I once had someone I was doing an internship for tell me to set three goals I want to accomplish for a project I was working on because she found that when she does this, they happen. So I decided to try it out, but for monthly goals and I was achieving so much. It's a great way to kill it at being a #GirlBoss.

Staying Organized. I'm already organized af when it comes to the home, but on a scheduling basis there's definitely a lot I can work on. I find that when I have things written out I'm more motivated to get them done and they'll actually get done. It also makes me less crazy. I can say I've done a much better job at planning out blog posts in advance and getting them taken care of ahead of time!

Self-Care. This is so important and it's sad that it has to be a goal of mine because it's something that I should already do on a daily basis. Self-care being a goal includes so much.. following a daily skincare routine, eating foods that are healthy for my body, working out--I workout because it makes me feel good and energized. It's also important to take time for yourself. This is something I already do, but for those that want to be better with self-care, make time for YOU. 

Travel More. I've always had a travel bug in me, but when I had the opportunity to travel to Rome, Venice, and London it completely sparked that travel bug. Life is a precious thing and I feel like people should try to spend more time seeing what the world has to offer. Even if it is just taking a weekend vacation to a new city, I want to discover a lot of new places in 2018.

Expand A Small Town Fashionista. This involves so much. For starters I want to start writing posts that reach a much bigger audience. The main thing ASTF focuses on is affordable fashion for the everyday girl, but I want to reach different age groups, write about different topics, and do some posts for the guys! I also want to go outside my comfort zone when it comes to my style and pictures. Lastly, I want to engage more with you, my followers! 

What goals have you set for yourself in 2018? 

Thanks for reading! Xo

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