How I Transformed My Diet

One of my biggest goals for the new year was to start eating healthy again. Around the beginning of December I got myself into a fitness routine, so when the new year came around I wasn't trying to both change my fitness and eating habits. Personally I wanted to ease my way into things so I knew I was doing it properly. Now I never use to eat horrible, it's just I definitely could have been consuming foods that were better for my body and I knew that if I wanted to see the best results from my workouts something had to change. 

Here's what I would typically eat throughout the week before I switched things up..

Breakfast: Overnight Oats
Snack: A cookie or small bag of chips (I work at Subway, so before I packed things to bring, I would indulge in those)
Lunch: Whatever sub I was feeling for the day
Snack 2: Whatever was in the house (majority of the time it wasn't healthy)
Dinner: Whatever my parents would make
Then I would more than likely have some ice cream or a sweet treat before bed.

As you could probably imagine, changing up my diet wasn't easy. I'm almost a full month into it and it's still not easy, but I'm making amazing progress. So let me get into how I did it.

1. Creating a grocery list.
I never realized how important this was for both eating healthy and saving money until I lived by myself while attending college and had to grocery shop on my own. By creating a list you'll only have intentions of going in to get only the items you need rather than items you think you need, but don't.

2. Meal Prep.
SO IMPORTANT!! Meal prepping has saved me from over-eating and snacking on sweets, especially when it comes to being at work. I try to eat every 2-3 hours because it keeps your metabolism running on high, so while I'm eating work I should have had one snack and my lunch, which is all that I pack, therefore it's all that I eat. Now, I do grab for a cookie every once in a while 🤫

3. Doing Your Research.
This is something I'm still doing, but when you want to transform into a healthier diet it's important. Know what you're putting into your body, know what's good for it, etc.

4. Knowing Moderation.
When it comes to healthy eating, everyone has their own ways. Some prefer to never indulge in any sweets and honestly if that's you, good for you! I sure as heck could never do it. Personally, I think it's ok to enjoy a sweet treat here and there, but like I said.. moderation!

Plenty of times I tried to do a sugar detox because I have the worst sweet tooth, last week I finally decided to start it and I was doing great.. until day four. Basically I was craving a sweet so bad that I told myself sugar detoxing was stupid, HAHA. Throughout my four days doing this though I found some yummy healthy treats to indulge in, learned that it's important to stay full with protein, and that without sweets I can get VERY cranky. So far I've completely (or almost completely) have taken added sugars out of my diet, yay! Next step for me is reducing the amount of sugars I have in a day. Next month I'm going to try out another sugar detox and well, I'll keep you updated on that one. 

Here is this weeks meal plan:

I've found that it helps when you plan out your snacks for the weekend as well. Last weekend Tyler and I went away for the afternoon and I brought my usual snacks for when I got hungry. 

* I also don't plan out my dinners because my mom typically cooks and not everyone in my house is on board with eating healthy. In that case, I portion what I eat. 

I will also be posting recipes of healthy snacks, my lunches, etc., eventually 🙂

Thanks for reading! Xo

Cold-Shoulder Sparkles

Happy Monday, friends! I can't believe we're only a few days away from February already. But that means we're one month closer to spring and warmer weather.. finally! Also with February comes Valentines Day, my favorite, mainly because of all the pink and red. If you couldn't already tell, if it comes in pink I need it. 

When I saw this top in store, I had to get my hands on it. I love the cold shoulder and shimmer detail. It's a great everyday top for gno or even running errands. My personal favorite way for styling it is with a pair of jeans and some nude flats. It's been a good go-to for a casual date night. You could also switch it up with a leather skirt and flats or pixie pants and heels. With Valentines Day around the  corner, this top is a must! Unfortunately the pink is sold out, but if you wanted this for V-day there's a red available in some sizes and white available in all sizes. The white would pair perfectly with a pair of red pixie pants and a bold red or pink lip. Best thing, the top is currently under $15! Such a steal.

Thanks for reading! Xo

Top: Old Navy | Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: Old, similar here | Crossbody: Old, similar here | Sunglasses: DIFF Eyewear | Necklace: Kendra Scott

The Perfect Date Night Dress

I sat here for about two hours last night on Lightroom trying to figure out the perfect way to edit these photos. I tried preset after preset and nothing was working. So then I decided to go check out my favorite bloggers sites and try to edit my photos like theirs and it was wrong. I like to call myself a wanna-be fashion blogger because I'm over here doing my thing, but it's not my career. I love writing about topics that I'm genuinely interested in and sharing fashion that I love. I'm my own person and I want everything about A Small Town Fashionista to reflect that. So with that being said, bare with us as we find the perfect angle for A Small Town Fashionista. Which means lots of different photo edits, like these 😜 

. . . .

Wooo, now that that's out of the way we can get into the real reason you're all here.. for the outfit deets. Am I right?! I purchased this dress a little bit ago when it was on crazy sale and I've been dying to get it live on the blog for you guys ever since.. but the cold weather wasn't allowing any of it. With Valentines Day slowly approaching us, this is definitely an appropriate time to share this beauty because it's for sure the perfect date night dress. Seriously every detail of this thing is gorgeous and so flirty. The best thing about this dress is that you can style it a variety of ways to fit your personal style. 

If you want to keep it simple and flirty, stick with just that. Add a pair of heels and you're good to go! If it's cold add your favorite leather jacket or if you're like me and can't stop wearing a certain velvet blazer, that works too. You guys sick of seeing it yet?! Lol.

If you want to add more glam to the look, style a black fitted tee underneath and style it with some booties. 

Lastly, you can layer this with a pullover sweater for a casual twist to it.

So if you have some fun V-day plans coming up and are unsure what to wear, snag this dress up quick!

Thanks for reading! Xo

Dress: Express | Blazer: Old Navy, similar here and here (under $15!) | Heels: Mix No. 6, these are also a fun option to pair with the dress! | Clutch: Old, similar here

Workout Gear I'm Currently Loving

I told ya'll I was making Workout Wednesday a thing 😉 I was debating on two posts for this week: this one or how I switched up my diet to healthier eating. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories you saw that I had a poll up asking which one you'd guys like to see more -- It kept going back and forth so I decided to stick with something more simple. Next week will be all about my diet, just so I have more time to put things together and share some recipes I've been loving lately! 

Thanks for reading! Xo

Pretty In Pink

It's Monday, so typically I'm all blah because my weekend is over. BUT, my Eagles are going to the Super Bowl, I got some new workout shoes so I'm hype to get my workout in after work, I meal prepped for the entire week because I'm forreal doing this sugar detox, so basically I'm going to be a major #Girl Boss this week. 

Today on the blog I'm sharing with you guys this super fun sweater. I purchased it back on Black Friday and I don't know why it took me so long to style it. I'm loving all the pink and ruffles! I thought it paired perfectly with a pair of white denim and flats, but when the weather gets warmer I'm going to try it out with a leather skirt for a fun little flirty look. 

I also suck because this sweater is sold out at Express, my fault for waiting so long because this is such a good sweater!! I promise I'll be a better blogger next time 🤦🏻‍♀️

Thanks for reading! Xo

Sweater: Another good option here | Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: Old, similar here | Sunglasses: DIFF Eyewear

Go-To Casual Look

If you've been reading the blog since day one then you know I'm all about my casual attire. Give me a good tee and some denim and your girl is good to go. I also love sharing my casual looks with you babes because if you're not all about the whole dressing up thing, you can relate to these looks and you'll more likely want to recreate them. 

Today I'm sharing a look I always grab for when I need to run out of the house quick. These back distress denim are always my go to--seriously, I'm on my third pair of them. They're easy to style and always look fab. I dug up this sparkly T-shirt that I totally forget I even had and paired it with my favorite blush cardigan. And these faux fur slides.. I'm telling you, you need them! 

This is such a good outfit for being on the go all day. What are your favorite pieces for creating a casual look?

Thanks for reading! Xo

T-Shirt: Old, few similar here and here | Cardigan: Old Navy | Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: Steve Madden | Handbag: Danielle Nicole | Sunglasses: DIFF Eyewear

Workout Wednesday: Weekly Fitness Routine

Now that I've gotten my workout routine down pretty well I've decided to bring a new series to the blog, workout Wednesday. Cheesy, I know, but bare with me here 😉 Every Wednesday I'm going to blog about something fitness related. Whether it be an updated fitness routine, just my favorite workout gear, or whatever else I'm thinking about in terms of fitness.. I want to bring something new and refreshing to the blog. Today I'm talking all about my weekly fitness routine. A few years ago I purchased the BBG workout guides, you've probably heard of it before because it seems to be really popular now. It's a program that I love doing and when sticking to it (and eating healthy) it gets you in SHAPE. Here's a quick rundown on what a workout week looks like for me.

Monday: Legs & Cardio
Circuit One - Repeat 2x for 7 minutes 
Jump Squats 15 reps
Squats 15 reps
Walking Lunges 24 reps with 3-6 KG weights
Knee Ups 24 reps

Circuit Two - Repeat 2x for 7 minutes
X Jumps 16 reps
Burpees 10 reps
Weighted Step Ups 24 reps with 3-6 KG weights
Medicine Ball Squat & Press 15 reps with 6-12 KG ball

Tuesday: LISS 
I switch between running on the treadmill, cycling, or walking at an incline for 35-45 minutes

Wednesday: Arms & Abs
Circuit One - Repeat 2x for 7 minutes
Push Ups 15 reps
Medicine Ball Squat & Press 15 reps with 6-12 KG ball
Lay Down Push Ups 15 reps
Tricep Dips 15 reps

Circuit Two - Repeat 2x for 7 minutes
Mountain Climbers 40 reps
Ab Bikes 40 reps
Straight Leg Sit Up + Twist 30 reps
Straight Leg Sit Ups 15 reps

Thursday: LISS
I switch between running on the treadmill, cycling, or walking at an incline for 35-45 minutes

Friday: Full Body
Circuit One - Repeat 2x for 7 minutes 
Medicine Ball Squat + Press 15 reps with 6-12 KG ball
Knee Ups 30 reps
Ab Bikes 40 reps
Walking Lunges 24 reps with 3-6 KG weights

Circuit Two - Repeat 2x for 7 minutes
Burpees 10 reps
Straight Leg Sit Ups 15 reps
Weights Step Ups 30 reps with 3-6 KG weights
Push Ups 15 reps

Saturday: LISS
I switch between running on the treadmill, cycling, or walking at an incline for 35-45 minutes

Sunday: Rest Day
I want to eventually start doing yoga on Sundays

I'm only on week three of BBG so the circuits will get harder as I go on. I love this program because it's quick, you can do it at home, and it kicks your butt! 

Thanks for reading! Xo

Vest: Out of stock at Old Navy, similar here | Sweatshirt: Old Navy | Leggings: Old Navy | Sneakers: NIKE

How To Accessorize

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to kick this weeks butt. How about it?!

Today on the blog I'm talking all about accessories because accessorizing is my favorite. There's so much you can do with it--You can dress up your favorite plain tee or you can be bold and add more onto an already fun look. While I love being bold with my accessories I find myself doing it more when my outfits are simple. For this look I wanted to keep it basic and cozy, but I wanted to add accessories that would dress the look up and make it pop. So I started with the basics.. a pair of light wash girlfriend jeans, a black turtleneck sweater, and a poncho. I grabbed the booties so they could dress the look up. I love how a simple pair of shoes can determine the style of your look. If I would have gone with a pair of flats or slip-ons, it would've been more casual. Then I added my favorite gold necklace and a fun pair of statement earrings to bring in some color. And you can't forget the handbag! I've found myself leaning more towards crossbodies and smaller bags rather than big totes (which I used to use all the time). It's just more convenient, which is one of the many reasons why I love this one. 

If you're unsure on how to accessorize you look, here are a few tips.

1. Start off by putting your outfit together. This always works for me because then I know how much, or little, I should accessorize. If your outfit is more on the casual/basic side, go bold. Layer some necklaces, create a fun arm party, and add some statement earrings. If your look already has a lot going on, stick to simple pieces or grab one statement piece that will tie the look together.

2. Don't be afraid to add some color. If you're wearing a subtle outfit, don't be afraid to grab the chunky statement necklace you're dying to wear (you know the one I'm talking about). 100% of the time any necklace you wear with a plain shirt will look good. So be bold and don't give a d*mn about it! 

3. Enough is never enough if you do it right. If you're pairing the right pieces together I promise you won't look tacky! Grab your delicate necklaces and layer them then choose either a pair of statement earrings or an arm party and call it a day. 

Thanks for reading! Xo

Poncho: BB Dakota | Sweater: Out of stock at Express, similar here | Belt: Banana Republic, more sizes here | Jeans: Old, similar here | Booties: Old, similar here | Earrings: SugarFix by BaubleBar | Sunglasses: DIFF Eyewear | Handbag: Express