How To Layer Up In Your Favorite City This Winter

I went to New York this past weekend and ya'll, it was C O L D! I love traveling to New York during this time because I like to go see the city lit up (even if it's the same thing every year). The one thing I don't like tho is trying to figure out something to wear that will be both warm and cute, which typically isn't easy. At one point I kept contemplating if I wanted to sacrifice being cold to be cold or vice versa. Finally, after making a huge mess, I put together a look that fit both things so I wanted to share some tips for you to layer up this winter when visiting your favorite cities! 

1. Shirts, shirt, shirts!
The more shirts, the better.. trust me. When I'm going to be outside all day I make sure to pick a top that'll allow me to wear shirts underneath. I always wear a tank top, one (or two depending how cold) long sleeve shirts, then put a sweater over it all. It may sound crazy but it's kept me warm every year when traveling to cities in cold weather. 

2. Cozy Socks & Shoes
I live for my fuzzy socks, so when I wear boots I always grab them. If you're going to be outside walking all day, try to base your outfit around a comfy pair of shoes. It's never a fun time when you're an hour into your trip and you're already regretting your shoe choice. Over-the-knee boots are my favorite wintertime shoe and also my rain boots! 

3. Winter Accessories 
The amount of layers you need depends on the coat you want to wear. For instance, the coat I wore wasn't the heaviest, so I made super to layer as much as possible. Since I went for an all black/white color scheme I added some color/designs by grabbing my red pom beanie and cheetah gloves. Always bring along a hat and gloves even if you think you won't use them, because chances are you'll end up using them. I also added a scarf for extra warmth! By the end of the night I had it wrapped around my face, lol.

Thanks for reading! Xo

Jacket: Express | Sweater: Express | Jeans: Old Navy | Rain Boots: Ralph Lauren | Gloves: Old Navy -- check your local store for more color options. They're super inexpensive but keep your hands warm! |  Scarf: Old Navy | Beanie: Gap, similar here | Handbag: Express

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