The Best Mascara

I've raved about different mascaras before because I don't have the longest lashes, so when I find one that makes them long and doesn't clump up I'm gonna share! 

The first mascara I ever found that did wonders to my lashes was the L'oréal Miss Manga mascara. I still actually use this for my bottom lashes, but altogether it's a great inexpensive mascara! 

Then for awhile I was using a lash extension mascara up until I found my current one. I actually talked about this one awhile ago in a Friday Favorites post.. it's so good! It comes with two tubes--the extension and the mascara. I tried the extensions a few times, but the fallout was just too much and it made a mess so I only ever used the mascara, which alone still did wonders. 

Now for my current FAVORITE!

I've heard people talk about this brand before, but you never really know until you personally try it and I am obsessed. After applying just one coat I can see a major difference in my lashes and I've actually stopped curling my lashes as well. A few things that make me love this mascara so much is that it doesn't clump and looks so natural when on. I get so many compliments on my lashes when I'm wearing by people who think they're my natural lashes. I wish!

Thanks for reading! Xo

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