Date Night Attire For The Guy Who Doesn't Like To Dress Up

If there's one thing that makes Tyler and I different from one another it's our sense in fashion. I'm a fashion blogger, so obviously when it comes to fashion I'm all about it. I love spending time putting together new looks and overall just dressing nice. Tyler on the other hand wears the same thing every day (not literally), a t-shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots--It's a very rare occasion seeing him in sneakers anymore. Haha, don't get me wrong now, I love him and wouldn't change him for anything. So his love for casual attire has inspired me to step outside the lines with a different blog post. 

I talked to Tyler a few days ago about this post and he even agreed with me that dressing up just isn't something he likes to do. But sometimes when we have our date nights I'd like him to ditch the T-shirt for something nicer, ya know? Mens date night attire always depends on personal style. For example, Tyler is obviously more of a casual guy so adding a flannel to his usual jeans and boots makes the perfect date night look! Just try not to force your sense of style onto your boyfriend. 

It was also fun having him infront of the camera for once ;) 

Thanks for reading! Xo

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