Metallic Meets Suede + Short Life Update

Happy Friday, everyone!! I'm seriously so excited it's the weekend, it's unreal lol. I'm up between 5:30-6:00 a.m. Monday-Friday for work so when Friday hits I'm a whole new, much energized person. The last time I gave a life update I was in the job hunting process and a few months have passed so I wanted to give another update.

I'm back working full-time at Subway, my old high school job. Finding a job in my field started becoming stressful so when I found something consistent and full-time, I put the real job search on hold. I simply wanted to take a breather to get my mind straight and figure out what was next. During that time I made the decision to reach out to a few companies of interest in regards to an internship and I landed one with Susquehanna Style Magazine. I've been interning with them for maybe a month now, but I absolutely love it. I'm doing things that I love to do and that I'm passionate about, so I'm really thankful for the opportunity. 

I haven't completely put the entire 'what's next' process on hold. Doing things that I love like interning for Susquehanna Style and creating new content for A Small Town Fashionista makes me realize what I truly want do to with my future, so I do have plans. Some of which are very big plans, but I'm keeping those a secret until I make my final decisions ;) 

One perk of my internship is that I'm able to attend some pretty awesome events. Last weekend I attended York City Boutique Weeks cocktail hour and fashion show, which really made me want to dig into my closet and put together different and fun looks. This look came as a result of one of them and I am obsessed! This metallic skirt has always been one of my favorites but I never wanted to branch out and see the many ways I was able to style it, until now. I paired the skirt with a simple black cami and wanted to add some fall vibes to it so I pulled out the suede moto jacket. I was iffy about it at first but I loved the way it turned out! Mixing different textures with this look worked perfectly. 

Thanks for reading! Xo

Skirt | Cami | Heels | Suede Jacket 

* I purchased my skirt last year from Charlotte Russe and it's no longer available, wanted to link one with a lot of sizing options.

* I also purchased the jacket last year, hoping it comes back in stock and I'll keep you updated if it does, but here's a similar, inexpensive, one.

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