How To Dress Casual But Fashionable

A casual look for me usually consists of adding sneakers to a dress or just pairing a cozy T-shirt with jeans. But some days you really just need to leave the house in a cozy pair of pants and that's something I never like to do.

Wearing sweats/yoga pants in public personally just has never been my thing. Yoga pants in public still isn't my thing, but the right pair of joggers are. The day before I left the beach I wanted to go find a comfy pair of shorts for the ride home and as I was looking around I told myself that I needed more cozy items in my wardrobe so I purchased these joggers for $1, yeah you read that right, and it was the best buck ever spent.

So here are a few tips for casually dressing up your casual look.

Add accessories. This is the easiest way to dress up any look. Layer some necklaces, wear a crazy arm party, or even just a pair of fun earrings will do the trick. No matter what you choose, it will bring out your look more.

Wear a loose-fitting shirt. This gives you the option to loosely tuck it in or tie a knot which in a way, does make a difference. 

Style it with your best shoes. What shoes you wear majority of the time determine the way your look will come together. If you're wearing heels, most likely you're dressing up, if you're wearing sneakers you're being casual. Pick out your best comfiest shoes to tie the look together! 

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