Beach Bum

If I could spend my entire summer at the beach I would never complain ever again. The beach is by far the definition of happy place. My boyfriend and I got cruiser bikes for our beach weekend next month, but couldn't wait that long to take them for a ride so we took a day beach trip. After working 60 hours on my feet last week it was much needed. 

When I go to the beach I obviously want to be in the least bit of clothes possible. These shorts are amazing! I purchased a black pair last summer and this summer I got myself another pair because of how relaxing they are. I've styled them so many ways, but they are by far the perfect beach short. And these shoes.. let me tell you. They were on sale and there were two sizes left, one of which was my size so obviously I was buying them. They were way too cute and fun to pass up!

Hat | Tank | Shorts (Must-have!) | Shoes (Got my shoes from DSW but they aren't on the site)

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