Interview Etiquette

In light of college graduation passing by and some of us entering the real-world work force, I thought it'd be a good time for a post about interview etiquette. I won't lie, I've only ever been on one serious interview and it was for an internship a few years ago. But, I've read up on Lauren Conrad's interview etiquette and have been given some advice along the way so i'm basically an expert, right? 

But on a serious note, I feel like I have the interview dress code down so I'll share some of my tips with you. It doesn't matter what job I'm interviewing for, I will dress to impress. My junior year of college I interviewed for a job at Applebees and still showed up in one of my nicest dresses and a pair of heels. I'm a strong believer in the things you wear making the biggest impression on a person. You look good, you feel good, and it shows that you care. One of the main reasons I'm so into fashion is because your outfits tell who you are before you even say one word. 

So you've just landed an interview with your dream job and are staring into your closet thinking what the hell am I going to wear? 

Here are the items NOT to go for:
1. Bright colors 
2. Obnoxious prints
3. Over-the-shoulder tops
4. Open toed shoes

The items you will go for will depend on a few things..

1. Environment of the office
If you don't already know this, do some research to see what you can find out about the environment of the office and their dress code. If they fall under casual/business casual you have a variety of options to choose from in terms of color. I would still aim more towards pastel shades though because they're fun yet professional. Just don't go overboard and make sure you look pretty and polished. If they fall under a formal dress code this could get a little tricky. Even though you're not employed with the company yet, you should still follow their dress code. Stick with a pretty blouse and dress paints (or even a nice pencil skirt). Include your own personal touches with accessories, but keep it light avoiding flashy things.

2. What will the interview consist of? Being on your feet or sitting down?
The last thing you want is to go on an interview in heels where you'll be standing the whole time leaving yourself extremely uncomfortable, so don't wear them just because you think you have to. Heels are not a requirement for interviews, so if they aren't your thing that's ok. Purchase a nice pair of flats/loafers in nude or black and they'll make the perfect interview accessory! 

If you have a big interview coming up I hope these style tips were helpful. Just remember, look clean and polished. Good luck!

Thanks for reading! Xo

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