Wednesday Blues

I said it when I posted this photo to Instagram and I'll say it again, this purse is the CUTEST! I was trying to be good and not spend any money on trip, but when I walked into Finnleys Boutique I just could not help myself. I guess it's a good thing that I live an 11 hour drive from Tennessee because I'd always be in this store spending money.

For my first time styling this purse I decided to go with something casual. You know those pieces you totally forgot you owned and when you wear them you're like "why don't I wear this more?!" Well this sweater is one of those items. It's so cute and soft and loved the way it worked with white skinnies. I only paired it with my Converse because I was at my parents for the week and it was the only shoes I packed that would have matched, but it ended up working out great anyways! 

I received the sweater as a Christmas gift a few years ago from The Limited, but unfortunately they have closed :( I will link whatever similar items I can find.

Mid-Rise Rockstar Jean - Only two sizes left!

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