Monday Morning Coffee With Alyssa No. 5

I had such an amazing weekend that I did not want to end. I attended FashionistaCON in New York, then spent the rest of the night roaming the city with family. But, I'm excited for this week as I'm starting something new and very exciting. 

Penn State has a fashion society club, which I JUST found out about halfway through my senior year, how unfair. Even though I'm almost halfway done with college I still jumped on the opportunity to join. The club held an event last Tuesday featuring Danika Daly where she talked to everyone about how she got into PR and started her own company. The entire time I thought about how this is what I want to do after I graduate. At the end of the event she announced an internship opening where everyone took out there phones to take down her email, me included. Even though I'm a journalism major and had no intentions of working in PR before hearing her speak, I went home and still emailed her. I kept thinking to myself how I'm not a PR major and I had no experience with PR, all I kept thinking of were the number of hands I saw in the air when Danika asked who was majoring in PR. I figured there was a very low chance of me gaining this internship, but I still continued on with my email and I sold myself. The next day I received a reply back and we spoke on the phone and I'm now a new intern for Danika Daly PR! 

Moral of the story: Do NOT sell yourself short. Just because you don't have the experiences does not mean someone won't notice what you're capable of and believe in you. If you're someone who wants to be involved with the fashion industry, browse your options and network with as many people as you can. You will thank yourself for it in the end. I'm extremely excited to move out of my comfort zone and try something completely new that could ultimately help improve my skills for the future. I'm also excited to share my experiences with everyone! Happy Monday!!

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