Monday Morning Coffee With Alyssa No. 7

Happy Monday, everyone! It's the first Monday back to classes since Thanksgiving break and I just can't seem to get my brain to adult again. Seriously, I sat in my 9 a.m. class and scrolled through Instagram and Facebook the entire time hoping I wouldn't fall asleep--sorry professor. I have two more weeks, not including finals week, until I get a month off from school and I'm just locked in break mode. In my defense, I have two finals (both of which are online) and three more papers due (I already have one done) so do I reallllly need to switch modes? Don't answer that because I know I do, but we'll see how the rest of the week goes. I just need to go consume a large cup of coffee to get me through the remainder of this day. 

On another note, I did enjoy the time I got to spend with family over break and my awesome uncle lent me his camera until I feel like purchasing a new one myself so stay tuned for some better quality blog pics--or pictures of my dog, considering that's all I've been taking since I got it. 

Gift Guide For Your BFF

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It's so crazy how close we are to the end of the year. I just wanted to give a special thanks to everyone who has read my blog posts since day one, I'm thankful for each and every one of you! In light of the holiday season and being hours away from blowing all of our money on sales, I threw together some perfect gifts to purchase for your bff. Shopping for Christmas gifts for my best friend's is my favorite thing to do--it's so easy and I love all the cute gifts I'm able to snap up. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and eat up!

Shop This Post: Gift Set // Macaroon Bath Bombs (the cutest!) // Monogram Vest // Trinket Tray // Kate Spade Phone Case // Pom Pom Beanie // Scarf 

Easy Layers

I'm finally back home and get to enjoy five days of relaxing with family and catching up with friends. I'm so excited for a break and to be able to get a lot of blogging in. For my first day of break I decided to dress like a human and capture the moment, lol! I had some early morning errands to run and this was such a perfect outfit for it. Putting a flannel under a sweater is my favorite way to layer-up during cold weathers because it's simple to create and comfy. I only planned this outfit in my head before packing it, so I was worried it wasn't going to work out, but it turned out to be a gorgeous look that I'm going to create more often! 

I decided to dress up the look by adding one of my favorite statement necklaces and booties, but there are plenty of ways this look could be put together. 

Shop This Look: Sweater // Flannel (under $20!) // Jeans // Necklace (Purchased awhile ago, but linked something similar) // Booties

Monday Morning Coffee With Alyssa No. 6

Happy Monday, everyone! I wasn't very active with my blog last week, but if I'm being fair it was my last week of classes before Thanksgiving break. Therefore, my brain clocked out like two weeks ago lol. Between classes, my new internship and work I have just been VERY busy--but not the kind of busy that leaves you exhausted. 

My last first semester of college is quickly coming to end, which means finals. But, being a journalism major has its perks when it comes to finals--your final requires you writing a paper, which I would much rather prefer over a test full of information I forgot months ago. So this past weekend I've been forcing my brain to write about 10,000 words worth of papers. Side note: they're not actually due till the first or second week of December, but I know if I push them back I'll be cramming and I'd rather not stress myself out. It's funny how it took me four years to realize procrastination is not the way to go, lol. 

I also told you guys about the new internship I landed with Danika Daly PR and I promised to let you know what it was like. I absolutely love this internship, you guys! I'm working basically Monday-Friday, but I can't complain. Most internships throw their bitch work at you and you get nothing out of it, but with this internship I'm treated like I'm part of the team. I work on the same projects as everyone else and I'm learning SO much. I'm really happy I decided to go for it. 

Even though I'm on break, I'm technically not on break yet since I'm still up in State College. I have two more days of work to get through and internship work THEN I can finally travel home and relax. I just wanted to give you all a quick update and hopefully I can get a lot of blogging in this week!

Men Gift Guide

Do any of you ladies have a hard time shopping for the man in your life during holiday season? Because same. My dad, brother, boyfriend and uncle are always the last people I shop for because I never know what to get themand you want to make sure you're spending money on things they'll use. So to make it a little easier for some of you ladies, I partnered up with my boyfriend to figure out things that men actually want as gifts. These are all inexpensive gifts, so if you're on a budget don't worry! I hope this list helps and happy holiday shopping!

Gift Ideas For The College Girl

The older I get, the harder it becomes to come up with a Christmas list because there's literally nothing I wantexcept for you to pay a bill.. lol pls. Since I'm so hard to shop for (or so my family says) they always like a list to go off of, so I decided to use it as an opportunity for a blog post! I gathered a few things on my wishlist that I think would be ideal gifts for the college student. These items are also reasonably priced (minus the Apple watch and dreamy booties), so they're great gift ideas to give out for secret santa's or to your girlfriends!

What I Wear To Class

I'm going to be honest, I HATE dressing for class in the winter because you're so limited to what you can wear. Since all of my classes are in different buildings (and a pretty decent walk from each other) I want to make sure I'm comfy and especially warm. So basically I'm left with my sweaters and jeansbut that's not always a bad thing. I love my sweater collection and I love adding on to it, even though my bank account doesn't always agree. This look is one that I'm most likely to go for, for a day of classes during fall/winter.

My old favorite pair of white skinny jeans got ruined in the washer (sad face), but I'm so happy I found these at Old Navy and on sale for under $25!! They're a staple piece in my cold weather wardrobe because they're so easy to style. I love being casual for class by styling them with a soft v-neck and sweater.

Sweater // V-neck // Jeans // Shoes (I purchased these awhile ago, linked a similar pair)

Sale Favorites!

I'm a huge fan of Express, but when they have sales I'm an even bigger fan because who doesn't love a good sale? From today until November 13th Express is having a 40% off everything sale. So I decided to round up some of my favorite items currently on the site. PS: If any family members need some Christmas ideas get them why they're on sale ;) Happy Friday/shopping everyone!!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14

1 & 2: I own both of these jackets and they are the most worn items in my closet. They're so perfect for fall and a quick/stylish jacket you can throw over any of your outfits! 

3 & 4: I don't know why but the lace-up graphic T-shirt look has been on my radar a lot lately. I really love the way they look and they're both on sale for under $30! 

5: I mean.. the shirt says it all. Perfect for lounging around the house or running errands and it's under $15!

6: I saw this in stores and just loved the way it looked. Sweater dresses are a must for the colder weather and this also comes in two colors. 

9: I have this bag in the blush pink color and I love it. I always have a hard time finding small bags that actually have the room to fit my essentials in, but this one is perfect. 

10: Obsessed with this wool sleeveless coat. It's such a simple item but could be styled so many ways.

13: I've always loved Express's leather jackets. They're so chic and a must-have item for everyones closet. 

781112 & 14: I've been so shoe obsessed lately it's unreal, but I need all of these in my closet. The velvet booties and lace-up flats are top on my wishlist because they are gorgeous. They would be such fun items to style and lets be real, those booties would make everyone jealous--and don't even get me started on those glitter pointed-toe flats. 

Mom, dad if you're reading this I wear a size XS in all of the tops, including the sweater dress, and shoe size is a 7. 

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Thanksgiving is that weird holiday where we all get dressed up just to sit at one of our family members houses to stuff our faces. I'm guilty of it, so no judging! Since the holiday is quickly approaching, I felt it would be a good time to make a little Thanksgiving Day inspiration board. This look is a simple and cute look that will keep you comfy throughout the day! I'm hoping I can get my hands on this dress so I can recreate it myself. 

Dress // Vest // Over-the-knee Boots // Lace-up Flats // Pearl Cuff // Disk Cuff // Diamond Cuff // Earrings

LulaRoe Leggings Three Ways

I'm not going to lie, I'm not usually a fan of leggings unless they involve the gym or lounging around the apartmentbut I think I changed my perspective on them after trying these LulaRoe leggings out. They're SO comfy and can be styled multiple ways. So I'm sharing with you guys my three favorite ways to style them.

This look is perfect for lounging around the house or running errands. You can style this look with your favorite vest and a baseball cap, if that's your thing. I, however, chose my favorite blanket scarf and slip-ons for a cozier look. PS: Sorry for the blurry quality of these two pictures.

This is a look I would love to wear to class because it's simple and comfy. I love buying boyfriend style flannels because they have a looser fit, which makes them perfect for leggings because they cover your butt (as leggings should!) Depending on the color flannel you choose, boots could be a great substitute for the Converse to dress the look up a bit.

The thing I hate the most about colder weather is you can't really bring out your dresses, which are some of my favorite items in my closet. I love this look because you can't even tell I'm wearing leggings for that extra warmth! You can style the look simply, as I did, or you could include a colorful scarf, jewelry, or a fur vest to dress it up. It's all up to your preference!

Monday Morning Coffee With Alyssa No. 5

I had such an amazing weekend that I did not want to end. I attended FashionistaCON in New York, then spent the rest of the night roaming the city with family. But, I'm excited for this week as I'm starting something new and very exciting. 

Penn State has a fashion society club, which I JUST found out about halfway through my senior year, how unfair. Even though I'm almost halfway done with college I still jumped on the opportunity to join. The club held an event last Tuesday featuring Danika Daly where she talked to everyone about how she got into PR and started her own company. The entire time I thought about how this is what I want to do after I graduate. At the end of the event she announced an internship opening where everyone took out there phones to take down her email, me included. Even though I'm a journalism major and had no intentions of working in PR before hearing her speak, I went home and still emailed her. I kept thinking to myself how I'm not a PR major and I had no experience with PR, all I kept thinking of were the number of hands I saw in the air when Danika asked who was majoring in PR. I figured there was a very low chance of me gaining this internship, but I still continued on with my email and I sold myself. The next day I received a reply back and we spoke on the phone and I'm now a new intern for Danika Daly PR! 

Moral of the story: Do NOT sell yourself short. Just because you don't have the experiences does not mean someone won't notice what you're capable of and believe in you. If you're someone who wants to be involved with the fashion industry, browse your options and network with as many people as you can. You will thank yourself for it in the end. I'm extremely excited to move out of my comfort zone and try something completely new that could ultimately help improve my skills for the future. I'm also excited to share my experiences with everyone! Happy Monday!!

New York Street Style

The biggest thing I look for while putting together an outfit for a day in New York is comfort because the last thing you want is to be miserable while trying to enjoy the city. Since the weather is getting colder I also wanted to make sure I was warmwhich is usually a struggle. It was taking me forever to plan the perfect outfit until I came across the pencil skirt I didn't even know I owned. I decided to style it with this pink sweater, to give the look some color, and to make sure I would stay warm I included my favorite bomber jacket. Sneakers were a no-brainer when it came to this look, which I think worked perfectly for capturing the street style aesthetic. 

Shop This Post: Bomber Jacket, Sweater, Skirt, Hat, Necklace (Similar), Purse, Sneakers

NYC FashionistaCON

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending Fashionista's How To Make It In Fashion event and it was such an awesome experience. For those of you who aren't familiar with FashionistaCON, it's a day long conference where some of the most dynamic figures in fashion speak about how they themselves made it into the industry. When signing up to attend the event you're given the option to sign up for a mentoring session with someone who is in the fashion industry, so you can ask questions and get advice on what you should be doing. 

This was my first time attending FashionistaCON and I left with a handful of notes that I will be sure to put to good use. The first panel they had was 'Why Menswear Is Having A Moment.' This panel was moderated by Fashionista's deputy editor, Tyler McCall. She spoke with Jian DeLeon, senior menswear editor at WGSN, Jacob Gallagher, men's fashion editor, off duty, The Wall Street Journal, Tom Kalenderian, executive vice president and general merchandise manager of Mens & Chelsea Passage, Barneys New York, Lawrence Schlossman, brand director at Grailed, and lastly Todd Snyder, president and founder of Todd Snyder. 

The second panel was moderated by Fashionista's editorial director, Dhani Mau and it was 'How To Get Your Fashion Label Off The Ground.' Mau spoke with Molly Howard, co-founder of La Ligne, Rachel Roy, designer, Timo Weiland, creative director and co-founder of Timo Weiland, and Scott Studenberg & John Targon, designers and co-founders of Baja East. Even though I have no intentions of ever becoming a fashion designer, the advice they gave applied to all areas in the fashion industry. Some of the key takeaways I got from them was that relationships are the most important part of being in the fashion industry. Whether it's friends or friends of friends, don't be afraid to put yourself out there and stay focused and honest. 

The last panel was moderated by Fashionista's senior editor, Chantal Fernandez. This panel was 'What Does It Mean To Be An Influencer Today?' and included Danielle Bernstein, digital influencer of We Wore What, Reesa Lake, senior vice president of Brand Partnerships at Digital Brand Architects, Krista Neuhaus, director of digital marketing at Kate Spade, and Jennifer Powell, head of special bookings at Next Model Management. This was probably my favorite panel because it related the most to what I wanted to do in the fashion industry. All of these ladies are so educated on this part of the industry which resulted in some of the best advice. 

In between panel's the ladies at Fashionista held interviews with four people in the industry. The interviews were with Cathy Horyn, critic-at-large at the Cut, Patricia Field, award-winning costume designer, Christian Siriano, designer, and Linda Rodin, founder and creative director of Rodin Olio Lusso. 

Honestly, I could go on and on about FashionistaCON and all of the amazing speakers who gave so much good advice. But if you have the chance to go, buy a ticket next year and goyou will not be disappointed. 

How I Stay Organized

This semester has really tested my time management and organization skills. I have classes Monday-Friday from 9-5, I do dog walking in between breaks, and I also work. Then I have to fit in time for homework, blogging, and other everyday thingsSafe to say I don't have to worry about staying busy. Now you're probably wondering how I have managed to not go crazy, but honestly it's as simple as writing everything down.

My best friend throughout college has been my planner. I write down time slots for classes and give myself extra room for including any homework I may have. Then I write down the times I do my dog walking and days I work. I also write down when I have a bill due and how much I owe. To prevent my planner from becoming a jumbled mess, I select different colors for different thingscall me crazy, but this makes things 100% more helpful. I also dedicated specific days for certain things, for instance Sunday's are always my free days so I clean, catch up on homework, and blog plan so I'm ready for the upcoming week.

There are days where I still get overwhelmed by how much needs done, but having the important things already written down helps because you know what needs done first.

Day Designer Weekly/Monthly Planner. I love this planner because it has enough space in the days for me to write everything I need down. Also at the bottom of each week it provides you with a section for "this week's top three" and gives an inspirational quote.

Interested in where I got my office decor? Check out my office tour post here!