My Apartment Office

I love decorating. When I got my own apartment I was so excited to let my inner Joanna Gaines shine. I started off with the living room and worked my way through each room (I was most excited about this one.) I really wanted to let my personality shine through in this room because I consider it my little 'getaway'. 

I didn't/still don't have a big budget for decorating because I'm a college student, and let's be real what college student actually has money? (lol... help) Everything I purchased was under $100 and mostly all from Target. Besides my chair which was actually a diy project that I made for no more than $70. 

How I made it: I purchased an old desk chair from an online yard sale site in my area for $20. I bought gold spray paint ($3) and made sure to cover up the cushion part with a trash bag. Even though it was getting covered with fabric, I didn't want it drenched with spray paint. To avoid clumps and unevenness, I applied one coat every 35-40 minutes. I believe I repeated this process four times. I than let it sit to dry overnight. The next day I purchased faux fur fabric from Joann Fabrics and applied it to the chair. For the cushion part I applied the fur with staples and pins (I purchased the pins at Walmart for $2.) It was a very easy process! For the back part of the chair I cut two pieces of fabric (both the same size) and turned them both upside down and sewed them together, leaving an open space at the bottom to turn it to the correct side. This process took FOREVER since I didn't have a sewing machine, so if you do have one, this should take you about 5 minutes. If not, set aside a few hours for this. The process was so worth it though and I'm beyond happy with the results. $70 for a chic desk chair is way better than $100-200. 

The rest of this room consists of accessories and beauty products. Later down the road, I might work on painting over my brown shelves to match the rest of the color scheme, but for now, it works. I love having a space like this that I can call my own and gives me inspiration when I work on my blog. 

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Warby Parker

For as long as I can remember, I have been one of the lucky ones who had to go through the struggle of wearing glasses. When I was younger, I obviously didn't care what my glasses looked like and as I got older, I'm sure my mom wished I still thought that way. But of course as the years went by, picking out glasses became a huge struggle and they were more expensive (sorry mom.) It wasn't until about a year ago that I was introduced to Warby Parker by my uncle and I only wish I had noticed them sooner. 

Now if you're not familiar with Warby Parker let me give you a few details. They are an online eyewear site that has a few locations across the country. They provide stylish glasses at reasonable prices, like $95 to $145 being the most expensive and that's usually there new season eyewear. The great thing about them is they provide you with home try-ons, free of charge, so you know how they look on you before you purchase them.

They let you pick out five glasses that they ship to you and you have five days till you have to ship them back. I have only purchased one pair of glasses from Warby Parker, but I'm looking into a purchasing a new pair so I thought I'd share with you my choices!

These are one of my favorites. I've always been into the round lenses and recently got into the over-sized look. I love glasses that match with majority of my outfits, so it's safe to say that the color scheme caught my eye! 
Shop these here: Durand Glasses

 I love these! They match my style of the over-sized rounded look and the color is gorgeous. It's going to be a hard decision as to which ones I want to purchase. 
Shop these here: Laurel Glasses

I like these. I like the style and the color; However, these just aren't for me. I think for my face they're too wide, but they're still a gorgeous pair of glasses.
Shop these here: Jennings Glasses

You guys! I fell in LOVE with these when I saw them online. Safe to say, I was extremely disappointed when I tried them on and didn't like how they looked on me. The design is absolutely beautiful, so I recommend you all to give these a try and hope someone loves them as much as I do. 
Shop these here: Kimball Glasses

These glasses come in a variety of colors. Unfortunately the style I originally wanted was not available for home try-on, so I chose my second favorite option. I had mixed feelings about them, the people I showed them too liked them on me but I just wasn't feeling the way they fit my face.
Shop these here: Winston Glasses

So if you're looking for a new pair of glasses, go check out Warby Parker! They will not disappoint. 

Monograms On Monograms

We all love a good monogram and if you're like me, you put a monogram on everything. I love styling my monogrammed apparel for lazy days or they can even be used to give your dressy looks a more laid-back vibe. The items I shared are perfect for the upcoming fall season and some are currently on sale!

1. Monogrammed sweatshirts are my favorite. These ones in particular are super comfy and can be styled with plenty of looks. You can rock it with a pair of workout shorts and Converse, or wear it under your favorite vest for the colder weathers. Sweatshirt 1 & Sweatshirt 2.

2. I own this same pull-over rain jacket from Marley Lilly, but in a different color, and I love it. The sizes definitely run large, but I think it's a plus when you're hit with a chilly rainy day because then you're able to throw it over a sweater and it still has a comfortable fit! Here is a cheaper option.

3. Monogrammed hats are simply great. I love styling mine with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. There are also so many options when it comes to monogrammed hats in terms of style and color. They're definitely a staple piece for every wardrobe. Besides Marley Lilly, this is my favorite place to shop for baseball hats.

4. Blanket scarves are a major trend for fall, so why not monogram one?!

5.  Monogram T-Shirts are such a simple item, but it's an item every girl loves to have in their wardrobe. They make the best workout apparel and you can get them in long sleeves and tanks. Etsy is your best friend for finding different designs at low prices.

6. These Herringbone monogrammed vests are currently on my wish list. They're adorable and a semi-cheaper alternative to the J.Crew one everyone raves about. Here is also a MUCH cheaper option to a herringbone monogrammed vest

Now go get your shopping on and stock your wardrobe up with all them monograms.

Favorite Emmy Gowns

I'm just going to admit it, instead of watching the Emmy's I was watching Sunday night football. However, I went back this morning and looked at all of the photos from the red carpet and there were so many gowns that left me awestruck.

First, I want to talk about Joanna Newsom's gown that got a lot of backlash. She chose a pale pink color that goes so well with her skin tone and the details are simply beautiful and unique. This gown clearly speaks for itself, so choosing minimal accessories was key. 

This gown is absolutely beautiful. It's simple and elegant and Sarah Hyland looked GORGEOUS in it on the red carpet. I love the off-the-shoulder look and how fitting it is. Dreaming of this gown appearing in my closet overnight. 

I really loved the details of this gown. The texture and cut-out in the front makes it flow perfectly and the red lipstick really tied the look together. I thought the top-knot and minimal accessories was so on point for this gown. 

Who doesn't love a jumpsuit? That's right, everyone does and this one Sophie Turner was wearing is breathtaking. 

Can we just all take a moment to adore Renee Barg and Charissa Thomspon's gowns? (Sorry Tracey Edmonds.) The gowns are stunning and as are the ladies wearing them. I LOVE Renee's gown, with the choker and lace up heels, SO gorgeous! And Charissa's gown just has such an alluring design that suits her so well.  

Although there were plenty of other gowns that were worn on the red carpet that I absolutely adored, I wanted to talk about my favorites and how perfectly the ladies wearing them pulled the looks off. If you need me, you can find me daydreaming of owning each one of these gowns. 

Everyday Make-Up Routine

I'm not one to put too much time into my daily makeup routine. When going to classes and work I prefer a simple, natural look. So below, I shared with you all some of my favorite go-to products!

1. Primer // 2. Foundation // 3. Concealer // 4. Loose Powder // 5. Beauty Blender // 

The Scarf Trend

Over the past couple of months I have seen scarves become one of the hottest trends. I was really hesitant about trying it out at first, but after seeing all of the gorgeous looks at NYFW I had to buy one. Let me tell you, I am so happy I did. I decided to style today's look with a pair of white jeans and my off-the-shoulder one piece. When it came to adding my scarf as the accessory, I simply tied it around my neck to let it hang. However, there are so many options to styling this scarf I love it!

Above, I showed you all the different ways you can wear this scarf. I'm so happy I decided to make this purchase!

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Fall Boots For Under $100

1. Sam Edelman Winnie Bootie - My FAVORITE! They also come in black!
2. Crown Vintage Pilot Over-The-Knee Boot
3. Unisa Adivan Over-The-Knee Boot - A great knock off for the Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots that I will forever dream off.
4. Marc Fisher Jones Bootie
5. Report Bismarck Bootie - Also comes in black!
6. Betsey Johnson Keeley Bootie - How adorable are these?! They also come in Taupe.
7. Nine West Keke Bootie - These come in three different colors.

Laid-Back Vibes

When I wake up at the end of the week, exhausted, the last thing I want to do is spend hours finding something to wear. The number one thing every college student wants in their look is to be comfortable and casualwhich is exactly what I went for in this outfit.

This look is SO easy to re-create and it's simple. What's great about it is there are so many different items you can pair with each one of these pieces. I decided to go with a pair of jean shorts, but you could easily substitute them with your favorite pair of jeans when the colder weather hits. I then paired the shorts with this Madonna T-shirt I purchased from Dash to add some color. To finish the look off I decided to go with some slip-on sneakers. However, you could easily style this look with Converse, lace-up sandals or even booties!

Shop this look: T-shirt: I linked one from Dash, where I purchased mine, but there are obviously cheaper options. Jean Shorts: In love with these! Slip-On's: Available in black or white. Tote: My favorite thing to use when I don't feel like carrying around my backpack, also comes in a variety of different colors and it's under $40!

Gettin' Cozy

I don't know about you, but I'm so not ready for the colder weather! Having to bring out my jeans is definitely a bittersweet feeling. But, I needed an outfit that was comfy for a day full of walking and also kept me warm with the breeze.

These barcelona cami's from Express are literally my favorite item right now. I have the one I'm wearing above and a black colorthe best thing about them is they're reversible. They're also super comfy and lightweight! I wish I could tell you where to get these sandals because they're adorable, but unfortunetly I got them back when Piperlime was still around. Side note: They're not comfy for a day full of walking, I learned that the hard way. Now lets talk about this sweater! I purchased it when I was in the city because I didn't come prepared with one already, but seriously guys I love this thing. They only sell this color online and I'm so upset about it because they had a gray one in stores and I want it. It's also currently on sale along with my cami for 40% off.

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New York Day Trip

Yesterday I decided to surprise my boyfriend with an early birthday trip to our favorite cityNew York.

We started our day off with meeting a friend for some pizza at Artichoke Basille's on E 14th. I'm not that big on pizza, but this was absolutely delicious! We than took a walk on The High Line in Manhattan, which is a park built on an old railroad track. It's a great walk for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a little and enjoy some of the beautiful views! 

Later in the evening we ate at one of Tyler's favorite restaurantsBubba Gump Shrimp Co. We ordered coronarita's for drinks, which were absolutely delicious, and I got the shrimp scampi for dinner. This restaurant has such a fun environment and some great seafood. If you're a big fan of the movie Forrest Gump and you're in New York, I highly recommend trying this place out. 

We finished our evening with a long walk along the Chelsea Pier to watch the sunset. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect! Safe to say we had a wonderful day well spent in the city, as always.