First Day of Classes

Whether it be your first day back to high school or college, it's a day that's bittersweet to all. It's now time to leave behind the carefree nights with nights filled with cramming for those tests and essays. The first day back is always nice because everyone dresses their best that day, even the people who wear sweatpants 99% of the time. For my last first day of college (crazy, I know) I styled this gorgeous off-the-shoulder top from Banana Republic with a pair of jean shorts. I wanted to create a more casual type of look, which is why I went with a pair of jean shorts rather than a skirt or pair of chino shorts. To keep the attention more on the top, I finished the look off with a pair of lace-up nude sandals. It's a comfy yet gorgeous look!

Top: The one I'm wearing is sold out in all but one size, so if it's your size snag it up! However, here are a few of my favorite options - Option 1Option 2.

Bottoms: Jeans Shorts - On sale and under $30!

Sandals: The pair I'm wearing are sold out so here are a couple similar options - Option 1Option 2.

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