How To Style A Slip Dress For Colder Weather

If you follow me on Instagram than you already know that this slip dress is my absolute favorite. I originally bought it back in the summer for maternity pictures - Basically I just wanted something inexpensive because I probably wasn't going to wear it that much. I snagged this dress for under $50 and I wear it every chance I get, win win! 

I've shared plenty of ways you can wear this in the warmer months and I also wanted to share ways you can incorporate it into your fall/winter wardrobe!

I LOVE this look! I've seen slip dresses styled like this plenty of times, but I never thought I could be one to pull it off. It's such a simple look that has a lot of personality and it could be worn for any occasion (add a blazer overtop and it becomes more work place friendly!)  I decided to finish this look off with a pair of booties keeping it very minimal, and I would've loved to add a belt to this look but I didn't have one that would pair right. You could also have some fun and substitute the solid colored turtleneck to one with animal print! 

'Tis the season for thermal tops and YES, thermal tops can be paired with slip dresses. This is such a great look if you want that dressy, casual feel. My tip for pairing shirts/sweaters with dresses is to put a belt under the shirt then tuck it in. To me, that just makes it look more put together versus throwing on a shirt and just having it hang there. To keep the look more casual I finished it off with a pair of slip-ons and threw a leather jacket over top. You can also make this look more dressier by pairing it with booties instead!

This look is great for the workplace and you can go about this so many ways! For instance, with this specific blazer I loved pairing the leopard skinny belt with it. You can also opt for a more oversized blazer and rock a Gucci knockoff belt with it. This dress would also work with different colored blazers as well! Pair it with a blush blazer for a monochromatic look, do white, nude, olive green.. I mean, this look really is so versatile!

Last but not least, my favorite look! I think it's the color scheme that gets me, but this entire look is just YES and again it's versatile. You can pair this with so many other sweaters and me personally, I chose to use my belt trick to keep the look more polished. If you choose not to do the belt tuck, I suggest adding a leather jacket to the mix to layer it up. 

I like to share multiple ways to wear a specific piece as a starting point to inspire you guys to get creative and show you that there are so many ways you can wear the pieces hanging in your closet. Don't be afraid to put your spin on things and contour it to your personal style!

Which look is your favorite?

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