Gift Guide For Him

Raise your hand if you think shopping for the men in your life is HARD 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ Shopping for Tyler is always hard because as the girlfriend you want to get him something good but you also want to get him practical things that he'll get use out of. This Gift Guide covers gifts for all the men in your life and are suitable for different lifestyles! Hopefully it can make your holiday shopping a little easier!

Carhartt Workwear Shirts - Tyler loves these shirts and wears them all the time. They're great for everyday wear and work!

Apple Watch - This is actually on Tyler's Christmas List this year. I've owned an Apple Watch for years and love it. They're especially great for tracking your workouts!

Tools - I asked Tyler what I should put on this gift guide and right away he said tools 😂 It's such a practical gift but so useful! When Tyler and I moved into our last apartment we needed tools all the time and had to run out and buy them. They're always handy to have for those just incase moments!

Hacking Whiskey & Gather Around Cocktails Book - These are great gifts for the hostess or whiskey lover! Also make good coffee table books.

Bow Ties - My brother put these on his Christmas List and there are so many nice and affordable options to choose from! 

Wool Blend Topcoat - If Tyler wore jackets like this, I'd 100% buy this for him 😂 It's currently on sale for 50% for Next Members!

Custom Face Socks - Gifting these to every guy I'm shopping for this year. You can also put pet faces on them too! Great gift for boyfriends/husbands, dads, etc.

Personalized Face Mug - Also gifting a couple of these this year! Great for parents and grandparents!!


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