What's In My Newborn Diaper Bag

I was clueless when it came to putting together my hospital bag and I was clueless when it came to putting together a diaper bag. Let's just say Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to this kind of stuff. I looked through a bunch of 'Newborn Diaper Bag Essential' posts before I finally got an idea of what I really needed and at the end of the day each diaper bag is going to be different because every newborn is different and requires different things. 

I haven't been out much with Izzy yet, considering she's only one month old. But she's been to the pediatrician and she's had relatives watch her a few times. She doesn't need much at this stage of life but as a mom you always want to make sure you have everything for those 'just incase' moments. As a first time mom here's my newborn diaper bag checklist.

I got my diaper bag from Freshly Picked and it's my absolute favorite! I read reviews from moms saying it's too small and lacks pocket space but I 100% disagree. This diaper bag is not only fashionable but it's so spacious! I used it for my hospital bag where I packed a decent amount and it fit everything no problem. I also think it has plenty of pockets, however I got diaper bag organizer pouches to prevent it from getting cluttered. 


Swaddle Blanket: A swaddle blanket can account for many things. An extra way to keep baby warm, a changing mat, burp cloth, car seat cover, etc etc. 

Multi-Use Cover: This can also be used as a car seat cover or blanket if needed, but also as a nursing and pumping cover, shopping cart cover and high chair cover.

Burp Cloth/Bib

Formula Dispenser: This is great to have with at least enough formula for one bottle if baby is formula feeding. It can also be used when the time comes as a snack cup

Hand Sanitizer: My favorite brand is Hello Bello.

Dreft Stain Removal Stick

Changing Pad: My diaper bag came with a changing pad, but I did research before knowing that and there are so many good options out there!

Babyganics Hand Sanitizing Wipes: These are great for wiping things down or cleaning up any spills. 


Extra Pacifier: I keep mine in a pacifier bag so it doesn't get dirty.

Wipes/Extra Diapers

Nourisher Bars: Snacks for mom (and dad) are important to keep in the diaper bag, especially something you can take out and easily eat. I like having these specific bars on hand because they cater specifically to moms and postpartum recovery by including all of the bodies essential nutrients. They also have bars for every stage of pregnancy - Prenatal, postnatal and milkful nursing bars. Use code "asmalltownfashionista" for 20% off your order!

Packing for a newborn can be overwhelming and tricky, so I hope my checklist helps you in the process!

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* Thanks to Nourisher for gifting me Postnatal bars. As always all opinions are my own.

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