Review Of Our Most Used Baby Products

When I was doing polls on which topics you'd all like to see more of from me a lot of you suggested sharing our favorite baby products. But remember, every baby is different. My mom said my brother and I hated swings as babies but Izzy loves hers. One of my good friend's her son hates pacifiers and Izzy is all for them, I mean you just never know! However, I still wanted to share + review our most used items and hopefully it makes your baby shopping a little easier!

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Before we had Izzy I already knew I wanted to try the Hello Bello brand and now that we've gotten the chance to use majority of the products it's safe to say we love them! Their diapers are the only brand we've tried so far but people have said their exactly like the Honest brand, but more affordable. I also loveee using the body wash and lotion in the vanilla apricot scent! 

Not everyone considers a diaper pail a necessity but y'all, this thing has saved Izzy's room from smelling like dirty diapers 24/7. But prepare yourself for when you open it to throw a diaper away.. gross 😂

We tried regular swaddle blankets with Izzy but she would break free of them 24/7, no matter how tight we put it. We received a SwaddleMe Swaddle for our baby shower and they have been amazing! Our little Houdini can't break free of these!

When we first tried pacifier's with Izzy she wouldn't take any of them except the WubbaNub. She takes anyone we give her now, but especially loves her WubbaNub! She sometimes cuddles with the giraffe and it's just the cutest thing!!

We love this travel system! It's extremely helpful being able to just take out the carseat and click it right into the stroller! 

Everyone has different opinions on which pillow they prefer, but I personally love our Boppy! Tyler even uses it when he feeds Izzy, so it's both mom and dad approved.

Tyler thought me wanting this bassinet was the most ridiculous thing, but I'm sure if you asked him he'd say it's one of his favorite most used items for Isabella. We keep this in our room for when Izzy is having a fussy night and doesn't want to sleep in her crib. It's nice having a safe and cozy spot for her to sleep next to us!

Rock 'N Play

Honestly I think Izzy will nap anywhere you put her, but we personally love putting her in her Rock 'N Play. We keep it in the living room so when we need a free hand we'll just put her in there and she'll nap away! And yes, we know there have been recalls on these but we always make sure Izzy is buckled in and safe!

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