5 Ways To Wear It: Snakeskin Dress

Happy Monday! I think I'm just going to make '5 Ways To Wear It' a weekly series because the past two weeks this has been my topic. But what can I say - You should all know by now my love for a versatile wardrobe and I want to help all of you get the most out of yours! I styled my newly favorite snakeskin dress five ways that are great for fall and they can even be transformed into your winter wardrobe as well. 

You can pair anything with a good leather jacket but I have to say the snakeskin and leather is my favorite combo! While the leather jacket already gives it an edgy vibe, I finished the look off with studded booties which was the perfect compliment to the edginess. However, if edgy isn't your style or you simply just want to wear something other than booties, white or black sneakers would be perfect to finish the look off!

A great way to incorporate a snakeskin dress into your work wardrobe. The velvet blazer (or even any black blazer) compliments the dress perfectly! You can also swap out the heels for a simple pair of black flats for a comfier look.

My favorite look of them all! The weather still hasn't cooled down enough for me to actually wear this, but as soon as it does I'll be wanting to rewear this look all the time. It's a simple look to recreate and it's also comfy. You could wear booties to dress the look up a little or completely dress it down with sneakers. So many options! Style tip: if you ever want to layer a dress with a sweater but don't want it to just hang down but a belt on and tuck it into that.

The last and most obvious way to style this dress - by itself. I styled it with a wool hat and booties for the perfect fall look but you could go about styling this dress any way you want! Throw your hair back and put some sneakers on for a quick on-the-go look or add heels for a dinner date!

Which look is your favorite?

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