1 Month Update: Life With A Newborn

I can't believe Izzy is already one month old! It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant with her - time really does fly 😭 Since we've only hit the one month mark there isn't anything major going on, but I wanted to give a quick update on life with a newborn!

Taking care of a newborn is, of course, a full-time job but I'd say Tyler and I are handling it pretty well. Right away I started following Mom's On Call for a daily schedule. Tyler thought I was nuts and was like "she's a baby, she has no sense of a schedule".. WRONG. Izzy feeds every 3 hours and the only time she cries is when that eating hour hits - She's been like this from the moment she was born though and even before getting a sense for the whole schedule. Following MOC has also helped Tyler and I with being able to sleep (the best we can). Granted, there have been a few nights where after feeding her she just wasn't having any of it and didn't want to sleep, but those nights are expected of course. 

I'm also quite upset because right now Izzy only fits into preemie sizes so I can't dress her in all of the cute outfits she has yet! When she was born she was 6 lbs 2 oz and when we left the hospital she was 5 lbs 10 oz. At her 2 week check up she moved up to 7 lbs 11 oz so I'm hoping she fits into newborn soon! Right now she has about 10 onesies we've been rotating because I know the moment I start buying more preemie clothes is when she'll grow out of them. One last update: these past few weeks Izzy has started to become more alert which we're all happy about! For the first couple of weeks we'd be lucky if we saw her open her eyes 😂 But she is doing great and her pediatrician has no concerns so we're thankful for that!

As far as my body / recovery - things are going great! I honestly was expecting the worst from recovery because that's all I heard from people. I stopped bleeding about a week ago, maybe a little earlier and am pain free.. thank goodness! I really want to get back into the gym and start doing some light workouts but I won't do so until my doctor clears me at my 6 week checkup just to be safe. But Tyler and I have been getting out to take Stella on walks / to the park to play so I've been able to get some form of exercise in.

I wasn't sure how easy / difficult transitioning into motherhood would be but I feel like after I gave birth to Izzy all of the stress just went away and everything came naturally. I didn't think I was ready to be a mom but I am SO happy I am and that I get to call this little girl mine. 

Well, that's all for the one month update! Thanks for reading! 


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