We Are Having A Baby!

Photos by Emily Bockelkamp

I am so excited to finally be sharing this news with everyone! I don't even know where to start.. I guess let me start with no, Tyler and I were not intentionally trying to get pregnant. One day in December I woke up feeling very weird, I brushed it off thinking maybe I was just catching a cold or something and from that day on I just kept feeling not myself so I knew something was up. It didn't really hit that I could be pregnant until the obvious missing my period, but 24/7 I felt nauseous. A couple days after Christmas I decided to finally take some pregnancy tests and they both came back positive. For awhile I had the thought of me being pregnant in the back of my head so I wasn't surprised after taking the tests, I was both nervous and excited. Tyler was at work and I was DYING to tell him. I wish I had the whole thing recorded because he was so happy, our little Stella Bear knocked my phone over so I just ended the video 😂 We waited awhile to tell our families because we wanted to soak the moment in for ourselves, but now that our families know it's time to let the public know! 

Baby Howell is due in August and today is the last day of my first trimester! Lets take a minute to recap it all..

  • The only morning sickness I had was nausea (the nausea SUCKED though)
  • I use to start my mornings with a cup of coffee, but my appetite for coffee is gone
  • Ginger ale was my best friend for the first half of my first trimester
  • Orange juice is my new best friend
  • I want sweets 24/7, 365
  • I've been craving smoothies everyday and pizza, which I was never a big pizza eater before
  • I still can't tell if I'm bloated or actually starting to show
  • Can't button any of my jeans though 😂
  • I am tired and unmotivated a lot (the cold weather is not helping!)
  • I've always had back pain, but it's gotten worse and Tyler not being able to crack my back for me sucks
  • I have learned that baby brain is indeed a real thing #Clueless
Then I asked Tyler what changes he saw in me throughout the first trimester..
  • You're hungry all the time (after that I proceeded to tell him how I was craving sour patch kids, skittles and Swedish fish) 
  • You will actually eat a full meal
  • You're changing altogether. Your personality and attitude, you can tell you're starting to develop into a mom.
I'm not going to the lie, the first trimester was hard. I know things only get harder, but this is all new to me. My body is going through changes and I've been learning how to deal with them. Tyler, Stella and I are all so excited for this journey and for our little one to join us in August. Come spring I want to start blogging again and will be sharing this journey as well! 

Xo, Alyssa