Easy DIY Stocking Mantle

Happy Monday, everyone! I can't believe we're already only two weeks away from Christmas! This reminder of this year is just flying by. 

Today on the blog I wanted to share my easy DIY Stocking Mantle hack. Our apartment doesn't have a fireplace so when it came to deciding where I wanted to hang our stockings I had no clue. The tv stand was out of the question because the moment Stella saw the fur balls on our stockings she tried to attack them. So low and behold I went to Pinterest and that was hardly any help, for me personally. I didn't feel like buying a shelf to put up just to hang stockings, a wooden ladder was a cute idea but eh, we didn't have a staircase to put them on, I mean it was basically all of the same ideas just from different people. So I started looking around the apartment and grabbed the faux pine off the dining room table I was attempting to make a project out of (was never going to work out 😂) and started messing around with it. 

I started off with just mine and Tyler's stockings and left a spot in the middle for when Stella's came. I had them hanging on command hooks so I placed the branch of each bundle on each side of the hook. There was a lot to each bundle so clear tape came in handy for getting the perfect placement and making sure they don't fall down. I had some extra branches lying around that fell off in the process so I added them to the empty spots to get a fuller look, mainly in the center. I found the small silver ornaments with my old Christmas decorations and decided to dress it up a bit. 

Not only was this super easy to put together but it was inexpensive and goes perfectly with the rest of our Christmas decorations! It was the perfect way to fill some empty space on our walls. If you try this out, I'd love to see it!

Xo, Alyssa

What you'll need:
- Faux greenery of your choice
if you want to put ornaments on it I recommend pine branches, you can find them at Michael's for around $3 a branch.
- Clear tape
- Ornaments (optional)
- Command hooks
you can hang your stockings however you'd like, but I personally thought command hooks made a big difference with holding up the branches

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