Tips For Mixing Styles

Happy Monday, friends! Today on the blog I wanted to talk about something I've been loving to do lately, mixing styles. Months ago you would never see me mixing styles - I thought I didn't know how and was too embarrassed it would look silly. But it's all about getting outside of your comfort zone and that's what I love about fashion so much, all it takes is a piece of clothing to allow you to do that. 

This was one of the first looks that I really mixed styles with and I still love the way it turned out. Here are a couple tips to help you mix styles:

1. Don't look at something as just being dressy, etc.: I always looked at this skirt as one of my dressy items and would always search for a nice sweater or dress top to pair with it. I decided to stop looking at my wardrobe with labels, do the same. You'll realize how much you actually have in your wardrobe that you don't reach for. 

2. Just throw things together: 100% not kidding. This is how majority of my looks come together. I get a vision in my head, go to my clothes, pick a bunch out and try them all on. It helps you get an idea for what works and doesn't work and sometimes you'll get more than one outfit out of it!

3. Get inspiration from Pinterest or other bloggers: I have a few bloggers that I always go to their Instagram page when I need some outfit inspiration. When it comes to mixing styles I like to get inspiration from @weworewhat

4. Confidence: When I first started blogging I always played it safe (whatever that even means) with everything I wore. I never liked it when people stared me down places I went, but the truth is no matter what you're wearing there will always be those people who have a look on their face. You just have to ignore and wear what makes you happy!

PS: These earrings were NOT intended for this look. After Tyler and I shot it and were halfway back to the apartment I realized I was wearing the wrong earrings 😂 

Xo, Alyssa

Skirt: Nicole Taylor Boutique | Shirt: Express (old, similar here) | Sneakers: G by Guess | Sunglasses: DIFF Eyewear | Crossbody: Nicole Taylor Boutique

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