Lets Catch Up

Long time, no talk! I'm not even going to get into why I haven't been blogging lately - Life gets busy and time just simply wasn't in my favor. But, Tyler and I were out of town this past weekend dog sitting and I could not pass up the opportunity to catch up on some much needed blogging. 

I wanted to do a quick blog post today catching up on what's new lately since it's been awhile. As I'm sure most of you have seen, Tyler and I moved into our own apartment a little over a month ago. I've been having so much fun decorating the place! We're settled in, but each room still has some decorating to do so stay tuned for room reveals coming to the blog soon. 

If you don't follow me on Instagram, here's a sneak peak of our bedroom that I posted. 

And.. WE GOT A PUPPY! This was such a spontaneous decision. This lady who was fostering Stella posted her on the rescue's FB page saying she had two meet and greets that were both fails so I showed her to Tyler and right away he said "let's get her" and you guys I was NOT going to argue with that! The moment we moved into our apartment I would bug Tyler for a puppy and he kept saying no and I'm so happy we got her. I must admit though, she's a handful - This meme perfectly describes life with Stella 😂 

We love her though! And you'll be seeing a lot more of her. 

That's all for now! Stay tuned for some new content coming to the blog starting Wednesday.

Xo, Alyssa

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