Post Grad Life: One Year Later

Hi, everyone! I can't believe I haven't blogged for two months.. Before I get into todays blog post, allow me to explain. 

One of the main reasons I stopped blogging was because of the weather. I was just to the point where I wasn't even motivated to take blog pictures anymore because I was so cold. Lame excuse? Maybe. Now of course if I did this for a living I would've dealt with it, but this is just a hobby of mine, so I was able to take a break and hibernate during the brutal winter ha! Another reason was that I just simply felt uninspired, which is ok. I'm sure everyone goes through those phases and I didn't want to create new content that I wasn't 100% sure about. Lastly, I got a job!! I'll go into more details later, but this was the #1 behind me taking a break. Before I got my new job I had so much free time and now I only have about an hour or two a day of free time, which is completely my choice. My new job is only part-time so I decided to stay at my other job full-time in the mornings, so if I really wanted too I could change my schedule. But I'm in a continuous routine, it's starting to get beautiful out, and I'm ready to start putting the blog back on my schedule twice a week! Baby steps. 

Now lets get into the real reason you're all here. I can't believe this Saturday will mark one year since I've graduated from Penn State! It's definitely been a rollercoaster.. but one year later, I can honestly say I'm pretty content with where I am. 

When I first graduated I was in such a slump because I was working at Subway, applying to job after job after job and nothing. I was so unhappy with where I was in life so I decided to do something about it. I reached out to a local magazine asking about an internship and while it wasn't the full-time paying career I was looking for, it was a start. It turned out to be the best internship I ever did. Life lesson time, I once did an internship my senior year with a PR company in New York (glamorous right? NO), it was a remote position. At first I thought it was the best thing ever, but about a month into it I hated it. I put more time into the internship than I did school, my boss was demanding and only ever cared that I got everything done for her when she wanted it done (even if I was busy with school), and never said one thank you to me. The only thing I learned from that internship was the work environment/boss I wanted to steer clear of. It was an interesting experience learning the PR side, but the point of internships is to learn and gain valuable experiences while doing something you love and that just wasn't it. The work environment of my most recent internship was refreshing and fun and because of that I learned a lot. Eight months later, I'm Marketing and Events Coordinator for that same local magazine and I couldn't be happier! Every week I come out learning something new, even if it's the smallest thing. 

I'm also being an adult and moving out of my parents basement, LOL. Tyler and I also move into our own apartment in a month and we are so excited. If we're being honest tho, I'm just excited to bring all room inspiration boards to life 😜 Don't worry, there will be tons of home decor blog posts coming when June hits!

So, I guess you could say life has been treating me pretty good since I graduated. I could've chose to stay in a slump and wait for a job to fall in my lap, but that's just not the kind of person I am. 

When I did polls on Insta stories about 90% of you said you wanted me to do more personal posts, so I hope you all enjoyed my first (of many) new posts! 

With love,

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