Workout Wednesday: Nike Metcon 4 Review

Happy Valentine's Day! I don't know what it is about this day that makes me love it so much because it really is just any other day. But I still like to go with it and get Tyler a couple small gifts, which I totally nailed this year. They were more gag gifts than anything, but they're also things he'll use, so it all played out. 

And who's happy we're halfway through the week?! I surely am. I started a new job on Monday and let me tell you.. I'm EXHAUSTED. My body has yet to adjust to this new schedule I'm on and it's wearing ya girl out. And a warning before you get into this post, I'm just now sitting down after a 15 hour day, so if something doesn't make sense just go with it because I probably don't even know 😂 #KeepingItReal

But anywho, I wanted to dedicate todays Workout Wednesday post to my current favorite sneakers. The Nikes I had before these I originally got when I started waitressing, so they were used as work sneakers rather than workout sneakers. When I got back into a fitness routine wearing them absolutely killed my ankles. For awhile I had been on the hunt for a good pair of workout shoes and I was willing to pay the price for them. When it comes to sneakers I don't like to splurge, but I'd rather do that than have horrible ankles. 

The first thing that drew me to these shoes was the design, of course. I mean how could you not love these?! I had known nothing about this shoe other than the fact that they were a cute training shoe. I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Lauren Sims, post about them saying they were her favorite for weight and cross training, so I decided to make the purchase and here's my thoughts.

These shoes most definitely suck to break in. I already knew that every shoe won't have its true fit until you break them in, but if I had known how these would feel going into a hardcore leg workout for the first time I would have worn them around the house to break them in a little because it wasn't fun, lol. After I broke them in though the fit was amazing. I currently wear them when I do my BBG workouts and so far I haven't had any issues. My old Nikes would have me sliding all over the gym floor, but these grip super nicely which I like. They also don't hurt my ankles, major plus! The only thing I don't like is I now have to invest in a pair of running shoes as well because these aren't really made for running. I obviously knew that when purchasing them, but if you're someone who wants a one shoe for all kind of deal, I wouldn't suggest purchasing these. Honestly though, these shoes were so worth the money! 

Thanks for reading! Xo


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