How To Motivate Yourself Into A Fitness Routine

A few years ago I was all into fitness. I always made time to workout and I ate healthy, but at one point I lost track of it all. I made up excuses that I was too busy or too tired to ever workout. About a month ago I realized how exhausted I was becoming and how lazy I was when it came to doing things. There was a point when I would come home from work everyday and just sit on my couch watching tv till I fell asleep. I hated it. I'm typically an on-the-go type of person and love being active, so I told myself I needed to get back into a workout routine and change my eating habits. When I made this decision to include fitness back into a routine it was extremely hard, but I'm improving week by week. 

With the New Year being just around the corner, I know a lot of people create a resolution that involves working out, but honestly how many of those people actually stick with that resolution to see results? So I thought I'd share how I motivated myself into getting back into the gym and made a routine out of it.

1. Figure out your goals. For me this was easy. I simply want to become healthier and stronger, so I found the best workout program that would help me succeed with my specific goals. If you're unsure, talk to a personal trainer and work with them till you can get a routine down. 

2. Pick a time and stick to it. For me personally, this just helps with planning out my day. I'm starting off by heading to the gym after I get off work so it's already done and over with. Eventually I'd like to get myself into a morning routine so I can always start the day off with a good workout. When you first start out try different times/parts of the day and see which works best for you. 

3. Ease yourself into it. This is so important. My workout program is called BBG. If you've never heard of it before, it consists of 12 weeks worth of workouts. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays you have to do two circuits of four different workouts for 7 minutes, twice. Then Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays you do LISS for 35-45 minutes. The circuits are pretty hardcore, so when I started back in the gym I went through each circuit at my own pace, once, maybe twice depending how I was feeling. I did that for two weeks, my third week I did everything straight through as recommended. However, if my body didn't feel right I wasn't pushing it. I'm heading into week four next week and this is when I'm going to go full force into it because my body is fairly use to working out by now. However, you know your body best so do what feels right to you

4. Progress pictures. This is seriously one of my biggest motivators. My workout program has a pre-training week, which I'll be wrapping up tomorrow. So tomorrow I'm going to start with my progress pictures. But just seeing how far you've come only makes you want to push yourself even more. 

I want to incorporate fitness more into A Small Town Fashionista, so as I get deeper into working out and start officially eating healthy (this is a work in progress ;) ) I'll start doing workout posts, healthy recipes, and even some cute athleisure looks.

Thanks for reading! Xo

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