Fun Fall Date Ideas

Monday-Friday Tyler and I never get to see each other. I work till 1:30 and he starts work at 3, so that leaves us with really no time for much of anything. Thankfully we both have Saturdays and Sundays free so we love finding new things to do together.. although being in the small town we are, finding things to do can sometimes be a huge struggle. So if you live in a small town like us, or are just simply looking for new things to do I put together a list of things Tyler and I enjoy! 

1. Apple Picking
Never fails for a fun afternoon. Plus it'll make for a great photoshoot ;)

2. Hiking
Fall is the perfect time for a hike. Colorful leaves, great weather, and gorgeous views!

3. Carve Pumpkins
You're never too old to carve pumpkins. Use them for some front porch decorations.

4. Movie Night
A night in watching movies is never a night spent complaining. Grab a bottle of wine, or two, and throw on some old movies.

5. Eat Out Somewhere New
This is something Tyler and I have been doing a lot lately. After awhile going to the same places gets old, so find some place new and try some exotic foods!

6. Find Out What's Going On Local
This has consumed the past few weekends for Tyler and I, lol. We went to the Apple Festival, Choctober Fest, and Renaissance Faire--all so fun! See what's going on near you this month and attend a few of them.

7. Bake
Who doesn't like to bake? Bake some apple pies and cookies and add them as snacks to your movie night.

8. Wineries
My favorite thing to do. Spending an evening at your local winery, what's better than that? Also see if any wineries are having any fun events. Tyler and I went to Winestock at one of our local wineries and dressed up as hippies and drank wine.. it was fun.

9. Travel To A New City
Tyler and I love exploring new cities. I remember our first time in New York together, we had so much fun. Research a few cities/states near by that you've never been to before and plan a day trip.

10. Picnic
Find a lake or park and bring your favorite foods/wine.

11. Explore Your Own City
Ever since I graduated college and moved back home I've explored so much. I go new places to blog and end up finding some awesome shops or a good coffee shop.

12. Be Artsy
Go out and do a paint and sip night or go buy some art supplies and have a little fun at home, because nothing beats the comfort of your own home right?

13. Football Game
Whether it's a professional game, college, or even your hometown high school football team.. get out and see a game. Everyone loves football so why not!

14. Camping
If you don't love camping you're a crazy person! Just something about camping out in nature during fall is so dreamy. Plan a weekend away with some friends or your significant other, enjoy the peace and quiet and make some yummy s'mores.

15. Have A Fire
Snuggle up in a chunky sweater and blanket scarf.

16. Throw A Themed Party
Plan a Halloween party or a fun themed party and invite your closest friends over!

17. Star Gazing
Clearly we have a thing for the outdoors over here, lol.

18. Tour A Brewery
I surprised Tyler with a tour of Tröegs and it was so fun. I like beer, but barely know anything about it so it was definitely interesting!

Thanks for reading and hopefully these help when making weekend plans! Xo

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