Easy Layers

Happy Friday, everyone! Last night I was so excited because the weekend was right around the corner but then last minute when I'm cozied up in bed I remembered that I never edited my pics or wrote the content for todays post. So this will be one of those short and sweet ones ;) 
. . . . . . .

I was really hesitant about this look when I first put it together. I wasn't sure if the T-shirt was a right fit and I went through half of my shoes and NOTHING was working out. But then I put on the booties and the entire look just seemed to come together perfectly. I love layers, especially when it comes to fall. It just allows so much room for re-wearing different pieces in your wardrobe different ways. It may look like I'm wearing a skirt, but it's actually a dress. In the colder weather I typically throw a sweater over it for cozy layers, but it was warm out this time so I grabbed an oversized T-shirt for layering and tied a knot making it the perfect date night look. 

Thanks for reading! Xo

* Got the dress as a gift a few years ago from Express.

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