Lace-Up Sandals

This dress brings me back to Tyler and I's Spring Break trip to Tennessee. At the end of our trip we traveled to a small town called Franklin that was filled with so many cute shops and restaurants, which was where I purchased this dress. That town definitly made an impression on us and if we had to up and move right now, it would be to Franklin, Tennessee.

I'm not sure that this was even meant to be a dress, lol. I found it on the sale rack at Finnleys in a size large, tried it on and loved the way it looked. I've styled this dress before with a pair of tan wedges, but I love the look these lace-up sandals give it.

Unfortunetly I purchased my dress in another state on sale, so I can't find it. But I linked Finnleys online store so you can check out all their cute things!

Thanks for reading! Xo

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