How To Dress Casual But Fashionable

A casual look for me usually consists of adding sneakers to a dress or just pairing a cozy T-shirt with jeans. But some days you really just need to leave the house in a cozy pair of pants and that's something I never like to do.

Wearing sweats/yoga pants in public personally just has never been my thing. Yoga pants in public still isn't my thing, but the right pair of joggers are. The day before I left the beach I wanted to go find a comfy pair of shorts for the ride home and as I was looking around I told myself that I needed more cozy items in my wardrobe so I purchased these joggers for $1, yeah you read that right, and it was the best buck ever spent.

So here are a few tips for casually dressing up your casual look.

Add accessories. This is the easiest way to dress up any look. Layer some necklaces, wear a crazy arm party, or even just a pair of fun earrings will do the trick. No matter what you choose, it will bring out your look more.

Wear a loose-fitting shirt. This gives you the option to loosely tuck it in or tie a knot which in a way, does make a difference. 

Style it with your best shoes. What shoes you wear majority of the time determine the way your look will come together. If you're wearing heels, most likely you're dressing up, if you're wearing sneakers you're being casual. Pick out your best comfiest shoes to tie the look together! 

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For The College Student Entering Senior Year

When I originally had this weeks content planned out, this post was not in the schedule. Somedays I'll go strictly by my blogging schedule and other days something new will just pop into my head and I want to get it out there before the rest. That's something I want everyone to remember while reading this post, that it's ok to just go with the flow of things sometimes.

So, with school back in session I wanted to share a few reminders for those heading into their senior  year of college.

1. It's ok to not know what's next
For awhile I thought I knew what was going to happen after I graduated. In high school I was so sure I was going to move far away and start a new life somewhereI actually ended up sticking around home for two years and commuted to school, which turned out to be one of the best decisions. Then during my senior year of college I just knew I was going to land my dream job in fashion and move to an awesome city and be successful immediately. However, the sooner it got to graduation the more I started to panic because I didn't have ANY plans and I had no clue what was going to happen next. 

2. Don't feel discouraged when you don't get a call back
Sure, this sucks. Believe me.. if I had a dollar for every job I applied too and didn't hear back I'd be rich (not really, but you get what I mean.) Don't let that stop you from applying to jobs that interest you. Send follow-up emails, be annoyingif it's something you're truly passionate about don't stop till you get where you want to be.

3. Get internships while you're in the job hunting process
I didn't realize this till now. I was struggling with job hunting since before I graduated college, I figured by the end of summer I must have something. When that something never came along I thought the best option for me right now would just be to get an internship in a field that I'm interested in and continue to gain more experience so I have more to show next time I apply somewhere. 

4. Dream big
Just because you're not where you want to be for one moment, don't let that stop you from chasing your dreams. Dream big and once you have big dreams, dream even bigger because nothing is impossible. With the right attitude and passion, you can achieve just about anything. 

I've been out of college for about three months now and I still get frustrated, but you just have to keep reminding yourself that the right opportunity will come to you eventually. As always, good things come to those who wait and ENJOY your senior year!

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Pretty Prints

Happy Monday, everyone! Last week was sort of a weird blogging week--I had content for half the week and I wanted to get photos for the remaining week, but I don't know. Like I said it was a weird blogging week and I promise I have a full week of fun content coming along for this week, so I hope you all enjoy!

When I look into my closet and see my dress selection the majority of them are solid dark colors. Although they give me lots of room to accessorize with, I love the small selection of my dresses that are filled with prints and colors and this dress is certainly one of my favorites!


I love the mix of the prints and the colors compliment a summer tan so good. I wore it with nude wedges and this blush shoulder bag. I figured since the dress spoke for itself with the colors and prints, I didn't want to busy it with jewelry. I also would like to give a s/o to one of my best friends for stepping in and helping me take blog pictures!

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*I'm wearing Steve Madden Eira wedge sandals, which are no longer available. If you're interested in purchasing, I have seen them floating around Poshmark.

Kate Spade Giveaway

It's crazy to think that I started A Small Town Fashionista one year ago! Throughout that year I've grown as a blogger and have learned a lot about my personal style. Creating this blog has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. So as a thank you to everyone who has stuck with me from the start, I wanted to do a little giveaway. You can never have too many handbags in your closet, so I wanted to add to your collection with this adorable Kate Spade crossbody! Read on to see how to enter.

1. You must be following A Small Town Fashionista on Instagram
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Earn additional entries:
1. Like A Small Town Fashionista on Facebook
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Please make sure your Instagram account is not set on private, as I will be keeping tabs of every entry and that all rules were followed. Giveaway ends August 22 at 8:00 AM (ET). Good luck, babes!

All entries must be U.S. residents. Winner will be chosen at random and announced 8/22 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Perfect Summer Dress

I haven't even been home for a full day yet and I'm already wishing I was back laying on the beach with some sangria in my hands, but who can blame me? I also can't stop thinking about this gorgeous dress I wore when Tyler and I went out for dinner down there. Hands down my new favorite summer dress!

The day I wore it, it was humid as crap and I may or may not have been dying the entire day lol. My first wrong was even bothering to do my makeup and second straightening my hair. I still had no regrets about wearing the dress though. I paired it with a pair of pumps for a more dressier vibe and added a blush shoulder bag to tie it all together. Next time I wear it I'll probably opt out the heels and wear a nude pair of sandals instead for a more casual look.

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One In A Melon

I just spent a long weekend at the beach with Tyler and it was the most relaxing time, ever! Definitly needed the getaway, but sad we're leaving today. Not at all ready to go back to early mornings and work weeks. 

This look was perfect for our long drive down to the beach. I've always been a fan of J.Crew's shorts and everything about these has me loving them more! They're so comfy and have a relaxed fit. Also can we talk about how cute this tank is? When I go to a J.Crew outlet I always search through the clearance section because the prices are unreal, so when I saw this tank for under $20 obviously I had to get it.

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Tank (only one size left) | Shorts | Sandals

Plain Blue Tee

Gap, hands down, has the softest tee's ever. I own two of these V-necks and love them, especially the loose fit they have. Part of me wants to go purchase every other color they have so I can just wear them everyday, lol. 

I wore this outfit for a day full of exploring Niagara on the Lake and shopping while in Canada. This tee is perfect for a day on the go because it's so lightweight. Definitely recommend having at least one of these in your wardrobe! 

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Niagara Falls Travel Diary

Ever since my trip to Europe at the beginning of the summer I've been craving more travel. Last week my family and I traveled to Niagara Falls, Canada for a few days and I wanted to share it all with you guys! Read on if you're interested in how my family and I explored Niagara Falls.

We stayed in an Airbnb for the duration of our trip and I think it was the best option. My parents found a hotel right next to the falls, which would have been cool for a view, but the Airbnb I found was half the price! You're also saving money by having access to cook rather than eat out every night. The best thing about our place was the location. We were about a five-ten minute walk from everything, which saved us from having to pay to park every time we wanted to go explore.

The Falls / This is obvious. Why go to Niagara Falls if you aren't interested in checking them out? It's such a beautiful view! There are different things you can do to see the falls, Journey Behind The Falls and Hornblower Cruises to name a couple. However, if you're not interested in paying just walk to the Table Rock Welcome Centre where you'll get a perfect view for free.

You also must check out the falls at night! 

Hornblower Cruise / My dad really wanted to do a boat ride up to the falls while we were here and this was honestly a great experience. The boat ride lasts only about 20-25 minutes, but you're taken up close to the falls where you see amazing views and get a little wet in the process. Totally worth it when you get to drink some Niagara Lager tho, right?

Queen's Royal Park / My family and I didn't know about this park until last minute but I wish we would have found it earlier. It's right off the town Niagara On The Lake and it's so pretty. Definitely need to check it out! 

Niagara On The Lake / I loved this town and if I ever make my way back to Canada I definitely want to spend a weekend here. They have a bunch of cute little shops and restaurants. It'd be the perfect destination for a girls weekend, especially with all the vineyards they have here! 

White Water Walk / We explored Niagara's white water rapids which was very pretty! I wouldn't consider this something you must do, but it'll give you more pretty views and a slice of nature. 

The Keg / Yum, yum, and YUM. This place was absolutely amazing and I will drive back to Canada just to eat here. It's pricey, but so worth it. 

Kelsey's / I really enjoyed this place. Not only was the food good, but their drinks were delicious. Highly recommend! 

Napoli Ristorante & Pizzeria / This place was for sure a little taste of Italy. The pizza was great but their peach bellini did not compare to the one I had in Venice.

All in all, our trip to Niagara Falls was amazing. We didn't do much researching before we went tho, so if you're interested in traveling to Niagara Falls note that you really only need to spend a day or two here. You can see the falls and explore the towns nearby in that short of time. The area surrounding the falls is extremely touristy.. it reminded me of a beach boardwalk and most places charge you tourist taxes so things are very expensive. 

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