Summer Flowers

I had my eye on this dress for about two months. I would keep going into the store to look at it but would never buy it--finally after like the third time I told myself if it was here next time I came into the store I would buy it (my way of trying to save money). Well what do you know.. it was still available in my size for half off, it was clearly meant to be. 

I wore it for the first time on vacation when we were in Venice and it is seriously the perfect dress. The colors, the print, the fit everything about it I love! On vacation I wore it with a pair of embellished sandals, but I think the nude heels were just meant for this dress. I will say though, if it's windy outside I don't recommend wearing this dress. You keep the dress closed by tying it, so when it's windy the dress could potentially show all your goodies, lol.

I searched through every dress on Charlotte Russe (where I purchased the dress) but it's no longer on there. I'll keep an eye out if they ever restock it!
If you're interested in the print here are a few options: 1 | 2 
If you're interested in the style here are different options: 1 | 2 | 3

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