Pink Bell Sleeves


I wore this outfit one of the days I was in Venice and was too busy having fun to take pics, so I wanted to recreate the look to share on the blog!

I am obsessed with this look. It's fun, airy, and gives off so many summer vibes. My favorite though is the sleeves on this shirt--how adorable?! I loved pairing it with white chino shorts, but you can honestly pair it with whatever fits your style the best. You can go with a pair of skinny jeans and wedges or a jean skirt with some lace-up sandals. 

Off-The-Shoulder Top | Chino Shorts (25% off ends today!) | Floppy Hat | Sunglasses | Sandals (I can't find these exact ones anywhere so I'm sharing a current fav from the same company)

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Venice Travel Diary

I absolutely adored Venice and wish our time spent there wasn't so short. Luckily in our short time we were able to see a lot of Venice, so I'll make this brief and just get right into the trip!

We stayed in the Palazzo Odoni hotel. In terms of convenience the hotel wasn't bad. It was located in a nice, quiet area which is ideal when traveling. 

The staff were very friendly and helpful -- when we first arrived we received a map of Venice that included restaurants close by the hotel and they informed us about water taxis and buses when we had to head to the airport. The hotel also provided free breakfast every morning and it was delicious. One thing I didn't like so much about the hotel was that I felt it was a very crammed space for their being four of us. You also have to walk up about 50 steps to get to the actual hotel, which I didn't mind, but for someone who doesn't want to do that every time they come in and out of the hotel I wouldn't recommend this place. Note: we were greeted first thing upon arrival and a staff member did help us carry our luggage up the steps. All in all, if you're looking for a cozy and quiet place to stay in Venice this is definitely the place for you. 

I don't think there was one specific place in Venice that we set out to see, the entire place is gorgeous and simply just sightseeing was enough. 

We ended up stopping into the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum which was pretty interesting if that's your kind of thing. 

We walked through Saint Mark's Square which had all the designer shops nearby. It was a very touristy spot, so it was crowded, but it's also a great spot for sitting down and enjoying a few drinks. 

One thing we did that I thought was really interesting was a boat tour of Venice. I didn't really know much about Venice or it's history, but this tour was really informative and our tour guide was awesome. If you're ever in Venice and have the time, I do recommend this. 

We only had to eat out in Venice twice because we were only here for two nights. The first restaurant we ate at I can't see to remember the name, but the pizza was delish. Then the second night, our restaurant is highly recommended. 

Ristorante Al Theatro / Our second night we were just roaming around for a place to eat and we ended up stopping here because it had a nice atmosphere. I enjoyed their house white wine and got a white fish ravioli with ricotta cheese and mint and it was delicious. Hands down one of the best meals I had eaten on the entire trip. Then for dessert, my aunt and I shared a cheesecake crumble and oh my goodness, more deliciousness. 10/10 would recommend this restaurant to anyone in Venice. 

Also, the Gelato in Venice did not fail to impress as usual. 

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July 4th Outfit Inspiration

Happy Monday, everyone! I can't believe Fourth of July is already right around the corner.. I feel like this summer is going to fly by. However, with the Fourth being so close I thought it was the best time to share some holiday outfit inspiration. So if you're still struggling to find something to wear, I hope this post is of some help!
Outfit 1. This outfit is simple, cute, and festive. If you're spending your 4th relaxing with family or cooking out and want to be comfy, this is definitely your go-to look. I think the Keds are the perfect accessory for this kind of dress, but if they're not your thing a cute pair of white sandals will do!

Outfit 2. I love this look because there are so many ways you can go about it. Personally, I love the lace-up T-shirt with these shorts but you can substitute it for a festive tank or a cute ruffle off-the-shoulder top. And if you're not feeling the sandals, go with a cute pair of sneakers! 

Outfit 3. Hands down my favorite outfit inspiration. First off, this romper is too die for. It's super flattering and the details are so pretty. It is on the pricey side, being $80, but I think it's worth it. The blue sandals also go perfectly with it. 

Outfit 4. I love this look for the fourth. I don't think heels are in anyones agenda so swap those out for a cute pair of flats and you have the perfect look. I have this top in white and purple stripes and love the fit/look of it. I also love to pair it with a similar pair of pants. 

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Summer Flowers

I had my eye on this dress for about two months. I would keep going into the store to look at it but would never buy it--finally after like the third time I told myself if it was here next time I came into the store I would buy it (my way of trying to save money). Well what do you know.. it was still available in my size for half off, it was clearly meant to be. 

I wore it for the first time on vacation when we were in Venice and it is seriously the perfect dress. The colors, the print, the fit everything about it I love! On vacation I wore it with a pair of embellished sandals, but I think the nude heels were just meant for this dress. I will say though, if it's windy outside I don't recommend wearing this dress. You keep the dress closed by tying it, so when it's windy the dress could potentially show all your goodies, lol.

I searched through every dress on Charlotte Russe (where I purchased the dress) but it's no longer on there. I'll keep an eye out if they ever restock it!
If you're interested in the print here are a few options: 1 | 2 
If you're interested in the style here are different options: 1 | 2 | 3

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Rome Travel Diary

Hi everyone! If you didn't already know, I was away for two weeks traveling to Rome, Venice, and London. It was such an amazing trip and I wish it could have lasted longer. When we first arrived in Rome I was so mesmerized by everything--it seemed like there was history everywhere you went. Before I get into everything, I just want to give a very special thank you to my aunt and uncle. This trip was a graduation present from them and I couldn't be any more thankful for the opportunity. I mean clearly my family is the best. So now let me tell you more about my experience and Rome in general. 

We stayed in an Airbnb for the duration of our trip and with there being a total of four people, I think it was the most convenient option. Our hosts were by far amazing. The wife met us upon arrival to point out a few places along the area we were staying and showed us around the apartment to ensure we knew where everything was. They even made a reservation for us at a nice restaurant the night we arrived which was very thoughtful! The apartment building was beautiful and located in a quiet area. 

If you're willing to walk, you won't have to worry about taking a taxi anywhere. The Coliseum was a 10-15 minute walk and the Trevi Fountain took about 30 minutes to walk to. We were also located near markets, which was convenient as we had a kitchen accessible, and yummy pizzerias.

There is so much to see in Rome! The first two places we ventured too were the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. Both places are huge tourist attractions, so they were very busy when we went. I wish I had looked more into Rome travel guides from fashion bloggers because they seemed to know the perfect time to go to beat the crowd and get some awesome blog pics. Either way though, it's a beautiful sight to see in Rome.

The Coliseum / What an awesome experience this was! We passed the Coliseum many times, but actually toured it one day. You learn so many interesting facts while on this tour and the location the tour guide leaves you at is breathtaking! You get the prettiest view of Rome.
A few things to note before touring: It's over three hours and you're walking the entire time, so if that's not you're think I don't recommend this!

The Vatican / This is another tour we took that I really enjoyed and it was beautiful. As The Vatican was a beautiful place to see, I didn't enjoy the tour in general. The entire tour I couldn't understand a thing our tour guide was saying so I didn't really get to learn much and it was VERY crowded. Although my tour experience wasn't all the best, I'm still really glad I took the opportunity. Who knows if I'll ever get to go back to Rome, but at least I can say I got to see a lot of the history.

Ristoro della Salute / Yum, yum, and YUM! This was my favorite place to eat in Rome. I got spaghetti and meatballs (basic, I know) and let me tell you, it was the best spaghetti and meatballs I have ever eaten. The restaurant is also right across from the Coliseum, so you can enjoy a nice view while eating dinner. For dessert, I also highly recommend the berries with ice cream.. delicious!!

There was this delicious pizzeria we ate at close to the apartment and I so wish I remembered the name. In all honesty you can stop at just about any pizzeria in Rome and be satisfied and I personally don't even like pizza that much. One thing to take note of is pizza is eaten with a knife and fork over there. 

Lastly, the gelato. Gelato is everywhere and god bless for that. I'm 100% sure we had gelato every day we were in Rome and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It's literally the best thing in the world.

A tip when eating out: Unlike America, you're not rushed to leave the restaurants when you're eating out in Europe. It's typical to take your time eating and after dinner sitting there and talking with whoever you're with. Unless you ask, your server won't bring you your check, so don't mistake it disrespect. 

I could literally post every single picture I took in Rome and write a book about everything, but I wanted to keep it to a minimum and share what I thought would be helpful tips for traveling to Rome. Hope you enjoyed!

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