How To Shop: Petites

If you're petite, shopping can more often than not be a pain. Pants and maxi dresses drag on the floor, specific items don't give you that perfect fit you're looking for, or you just feel like clothes overwhelm your figure. I totally get it, I go through this all the time but I've also figured out a few tricks for making shopping a bit easier. I also did a post awhile back talking about my favorite places to shop for petite clothing--Express has also started selling petite sizes so you can include that to the list!

1. Shop around at a few places and purchase items in petite
Every stores petite sizes vary, so it's good to try out a pair of pants and a shirt and see how the fit is on you. I've tried petite in a lot of stores, but in the end I've found that my go-to store is Old Navy. Usually at Old Navy I don't need a petite size in their tops because I've never had an issue with the fit--their pants (and sometimes dresses) however, I will always purchase in petite.

These jeans are from Old Navy, size petite of course, and I adore them. I always struggled with finding denim that stop at my ankles until I purchased these and since than I've only ever purchased jeans from Old Navy. 

DIY Tip: If you're like me and prefer your jeans to stop at your ankles but just can't find the right pair, cut the bottoms. 

2. Don't confuse prints for making you look childish
I hear a lot of people say that they feel like they look like a kid when they wear prints because they're petite, which is not true. You have to feel comfortable and confident in the items you're wearing. Just don't go for prints that overpower your frame and know what looks good on you. 

3. The children's section could be your best friend
You probably think this one is a joke, but I can assure you it's not. They make some cute clothes for kids, so if you can fit into them than why not? I recently just started purchasing workout leggings for kids from Old Navy and they're like half the price of the adult pairs.. SCORE. 

Keep trying out new items and figure out what styles work best for your figure and don't be afraid to go for prints or mix things up. If you have a dress that's too loose, style it with a belt or if you have a T-shirt that's baggy tie a knot in the front. Get creative! 

Thanks for reading! Xo

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