Laid-Back Attire

You guys!! Ever since I bought these sneakers, I haven't been able to stop wearing them. Not only are they super adorable but they're insanely comfy as well. I also love the many ways I have been styling them. They're the perfect accessory to add to your casual attire and for this look, I went super casual. Usually when I'm picking out outfits, I first find the piece or accessory I want to be the focal point of the look. I then base everything else around it and make sure to not pick anything that overpowers my statement piece. 

For this look the focal point was obviously the sneaks. I decided to go with a pair of distressed girlfriend jeans and style them with a simple white T-shirt. The bomber jacket is optional depending on the weather, but I actually thought it brought the whole look together. This is the perfect laid-back outfit that I will be adding to my day of classes look book.

Thanks for reading! xx

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