Monday Morning Coffee With Alyssa No. 10

While I was blog planning yesterday I realized I haven't done a Monday Morning Coffee post in awhile, so I figured why not start them again! I love blogging and I love sharing my fashion with you all, but as a blogger I feel it's important to share my personality in a way that's not through my outfits sometimes.

Happy Monday, everyone! This past week had been a really chaotic one. With classes starting back up, me working again, getting all my homework done on time and an internship it was a little annoying to say that least, lol. I wanted to get myself into the perfect routine that wouldn't turn around and stress me out halfway through the semester and I think I figured it out. I only go to classes Tuesdays and Thursdays (which is awesome) and don't start until 12:05 (which is even more awesome), so I realized that I have a lot more time throughout the week than I thought. However, on Monday I started myself on a routine of waking up at 7 a.m. Monday-Friday to workout before I got the day started and I have been feeling so much more energized than usual. I also filled my fridge with healthy foods and snacks so I'm no longer drowning myself in junk food. It's one of the cliche New Years Resolutions I set for myself, to get fit and healthy again, but it's so important for your body. Once I start getting more into my workout routine, I might make a weekly thing of sharing my workouts and some healthy recipes to full-fill the 'lifestyle' part of A Small Town FashionistaAND of course I'll share some cute workout gear :)

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