Monday Morning Coffee With Alyssa No. 8

This quote couldn't be any more suitable for me at the moment. I haven't been blogging for awhile because I was finishing up my first semester of senior year, SENIOR YEAR! How crazy?! I had four papers to write and a few exams to do, but I am officially finished and all I feel is excitement. It hasn't been an easy semesternor has any semester of college beenbut I feel confident on the note I completed on. I turned in all of my assignments a week before the actual due date, so I didn't have a single thing to stress about which is always nice. I'm also super excited about all the free time I now have to blog!! I have so much to catch up on from being absent for a couple weeks. 

Saturday I got to spend time with my family while enjoying my favorite city, New York. I love the city at this time of the year because of all the beautiful lights and holiday festivities that go on. It was very relaxing not having to worry about anything expect enjoying the city. 

Then Sunday I traveled back to my apartment in State College and just relaxed on the couch all day and watched Christmas movies because I canand it was snowing and like twenty degrees outside, so yeah. But I'm excited to enjoy my break off to be lazy and catch up with my best friends. 

So with that being said, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week and stays warm! Also to my college students who still have finals to do, I wish you the best of luck!! Happy Monday, everyone!

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