How To Avoid Chapped Lips This Winter

The cold weather and my lips are two things that have never gotten along. I could never wear lipstick in the wintertime because my lips would always be so cracked it was impossible. They would get so annoying that I would pick at them and they would then bleed and leave sores. I did not want to go through that again this winter so I tried lip balm after lip balm and I'm so happy that I finally found something that actually WORKS. If you get bad chapped lips, I highly recommend both of these products. 

Interested in how I use each product?

I apply the Vaseline Cocoa Butter every morning and night. I sometimes I apply it before I brush my teeth or shower so I can wipe it off afterwards, removing the unwanted skin.
Then I apply the Yes To Coconuts Cooling Oil throughout the day. It leaves a glossy finish on your lips, which I don't mind, but if you prefer otherwise they do sell a lip balm alternative.

Other tips for keeping your lips soft:

1. Do not lick your lips. I use to always lick mine when they started to feel dry but this is one of the worst things you can do for your lips. Make sure to always keep your favorite lip balm around so you can avoid this.
2. Drink more water. This is something I struggle with a lot because I love my iced teas, but when I was on the search for products to help with my chapped lips this was something almost every site recommended.

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