How I Stay Organized

This semester has really tested my time management and organization skills. I have classes Monday-Friday from 9-5, I do dog walking in between breaks, and I also work. Then I have to fit in time for homework, blogging, and other everyday thingsSafe to say I don't have to worry about staying busy. Now you're probably wondering how I have managed to not go crazy, but honestly it's as simple as writing everything down.

My best friend throughout college has been my planner. I write down time slots for classes and give myself extra room for including any homework I may have. Then I write down the times I do my dog walking and days I work. I also write down when I have a bill due and how much I owe. To prevent my planner from becoming a jumbled mess, I select different colors for different thingscall me crazy, but this makes things 100% more helpful. I also dedicated specific days for certain things, for instance Sunday's are always my free days so I clean, catch up on homework, and blog plan so I'm ready for the upcoming week.

There are days where I still get overwhelmed by how much needs done, but having the important things already written down helps because you know what needs done first.

Day Designer Weekly/Monthly Planner. I love this planner because it has enough space in the days for me to write everything I need down. Also at the bottom of each week it provides you with a section for "this week's top three" and gives an inspirational quote.

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