Shopping For Petite

Something I’ve always struggled with was finding clothes that fit my body type. I’m 21, but people never fail to think I’m 16 or under and my petite body image does not help. I simply don’t enjoy wearing baggy clothes—unless it’s certain items like a sweater, because who doesn’t love snuggling a warm over-sized sweater when it’s cold outside? I love wearing items that make a statement, but at the same time makes me look mature. So I’ve gathered up a list of my favorite places to shop for those of you who have a hard time finding clothes that fit your frame!

Banana Republic: This is the best place to shop if you’re searching for dressy items to add to your closet. They also have a designated petite section which I love, however I only really shop petite at BR if I’m looking for dresses and/or bottoms. Their clothes are pricey, but the sale section always has amazing deals where you can usually get an extra percentage off.

Gap: I am a loyal Gap customer, so it seems only right that I include this on my list. I own everything from Gap, from sweaters, to shorts, to dresses and even shoes. If you’re into the more casual style then Gap definitly is the perfect place to shop. Gap does have a designated petite section, but I’ve only ever purchased about two or three items in petite from Gap because the overall fit of their clothing is perfect. Like BR, Gap is on the pricey side but they never fail to have some good sales.

Old Navy: You will pretty much find the same types of clothes at Old Navy that you would at Gap, but for lower prices (which I know is something every college student loves!) Old Navy is usually a hit or miss for me, but the items they have for fall are all so pretty, I literally want it all.
Shopping tip: If you’re in an Old Navy store check out the kid’s section. I’m so serious, I’ve purchased tops in the girl’s section in sizes large/x-large and people were so surprised when I told them it wasn’t meant to be an ‘adult’ top.

Forever 21: If you’re willing to take the time to search through the racks you will find so many cute items. I’ve realized though that mostly all of the pieces they have fit differently than others so it can be a struggle sometimes. However, you can’t beat the prices Forever 21 has to offer!

While you’re shopping, if you come across something you like but you don’t think the fit is right for you still try it out. There are always different options for styling your over-sized pieces into a more fitting look. For example, try finishing your look off with a belt around the waist or pair your over-sized shirt with leggings and a vest. Don’t always limit what you wear to what fits best because some of my favorite items in my closet are my boyfriend jeans and over-sized sweaters. I hope this makes your shopping a little more easier!

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