Monday Morning Coffee With Alyssa No. 4

I just scheduled my classes for my last semester of college and it didn't hit me until I finalized everything with my advisor. It's so crazy how time flies! One minute you're trying to decide what you want to do after you graduate high school and the next you're preparing to enter the real world. I always wished time away. Wished for graduation, wished for moving out, wished for having my dream job, but there's no point in wishing time to pass. Honestly, sometimes I wish I was still a little kid with no responsibilities but it's nice to look back on how far I've come and all that I've accomplished. I'm so blessed to have a loving family who supports everything I aspire to do and pushes me to never give up. Even when I was a rebellious high schooler, they never lost hope that I'd go off to college and chase my dreams. It's definitly been a rocky road and I thought about giving up a lot, but I never lost site of why I started in the first place. Chase after your dreams, even if they scare you and don't doubt your ability to achieve them. 

I'm excited to enjoy my last semester as a college student and to see where the future takes me and to share my journeys with all of you! Xoxo

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