Monday Morning Coffee With Alyssa No. 3

For today's coffee date I'm going to talk about something new and exciting, and I'll keep it short and sweet! Before I came to State College I was the biggest workout freak ever. Seriously, I would be up before classes/work to hit the gym or I would go late at night--But I always made sure I got my workouts in. Then I moved into my own apartment, away from home, and things got hectic (or what I defined as hectic.) I stressed myself out over bills and school when I had nothing to even be stressing out aboutI'm a drama queen, I know. So for the past year or so I haven't been active, I would always tell myself "tomorrow I will start," and never did. But guess what I did this morning?! Drum roll please... I got my lazy butt up at 5:30 and hit the gym and it felt so good! Getting back into the early workout routine is always the hardest, but I knew if I didn't start today I would have just kept pushing it off. 

I forgot how energized I become when the first thing I do is workout. It's so healthy and important for your body, even if all you do is go on a run or do some yoga. I'm still debating if I want to include the fitness aspect into my blog, so if that's something you'd like to see let me know! 

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